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Hastati (TWR2 Unit)

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Hastati (TWR2 Unit)
New Hastati 2.PNG
Class Melee Infantry
Unit Size 160
Weaponry Gladius & Pilums
Morale 45
Melee Attack 38
Ranged Attack 32
Defence 50
Charge Bonus 12
Accuracy 5
Range 40
Ammunition 2
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 350
Upkeep Cost 90
Turns to Build 1
Unit Limit Unlimited
Building Requirements Field of Mars
Technology Requirements N/A
Attributes • Formation Attack

• Disciplined

• Hide (forest)

New Hastati 1.PNG These young men are the armoured front line of a Roman legion.


During the 4th Century BC the Romans abandoned the phalanx in favour of an army of hastati, principes and triarii. These were deployed in maniples: compact blocks of men, laid out in a checkerboard formation. This allowed flexibility moving across a battlefield, particularly when compared to a solid phalanx.

Like most sophisticated city-states in the ancient world, Rome expected its men to fight, and supply their own war gear when they did so. A cynical observer might be tempted to note that the manipular legion also made sure that the hierarchy of Rome was preserved. The youngest and least wealthy became hastati, the first line of battle in a Roman legion. Behind them came the second line of principes, older and richer men, and finally the triarii, the third line of the most experienced warriors. “Going to the triarii” was a Roman saying in all kind of situations, implying that everything else had been tried and found wanting.


The Hastati are the first line of pre Marian melee infantry formation infront of Principes and Triarii. The pilums were thrown while charging and they have 2 abilities during battles which are Attacking Testudo which the units raised their shields above their heads as protection against missiles but at reduced speed and Use the Whip (Pre Emperor Edition ) which improves melee attack, weapons damage and fatigue resistance for a short period.

They are not expected to win the battle but to tire the enemy before the heavier Principes come in for the kill. Their strengths and weaknesses are Average attack , Weak defence , Average damage but low armour penetration and Poor morale.

The Hastati can be upgraded to Legionaries and Legionary Cohort.


TWR2 Rome Faction.PNG Rome

TWR2 Senate Faction.PNG Senate Loyalists

TWR2 Slave Faction.PNG Slaves

TWR2 Lucania Faction.PNG Lucania (Prologue Campaign)

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