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Helios Issues:Fifteen

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Issue Fifteen

This issue was published July 2007. Read the whole issue on TWC here.

State of the Political Debate

The Helios covered in this Issue, all the 'hot' debates going across TWC of the time. As usual, debates on TWC have a range of various Issues. Going from debates about the IRA's actions, to Iraq, to Iran's arming of Syria.

State of the Discussion & Debate

Once again the most lively debates were reported on in the Helios. Seneca, the author of this section, briefly discussed Taiwan's attempt to join the U.N under a controversial name. In the Ethos, the Morality of torture was discussed.

Circus Maximus

Darkragnar covered various new games coming out, such as Kane & Lynch and Mass Effect. A few videos were also given explain features of those games in more detail.


Covered here were various topics, anything to do with techy things. Such as the debate over what MP3 player TWC prefers, Ipod or Zune. Other topics covered was the infamous Windows Vista operating system, a guide of installing Creative sound cards, High Definition Television, and various other projects going on across the site!

Basement Technical help

As one can imagine from the name, the Helios covered various technical help problems for the less inclined. Such as how to find out if you have a virus, as well how as how to fix a generally slow, buggy computer.

Ludus and sports

Surprisingly, the Helios does indeed have a sports section. Here various Sports topics were covered, Football, Wimbledon Babes thread, and more!


Here the Coliseum was covered, where one may find Garbasadar's fight club, or various RPG's. In this edition of the Helios, the focus was on the Signature competition.

Despatches from the Curia

The Helios here covers everything that occurs in the Curia, the heart and soul of TWC. Figures of Civitate promotion, SirPaladin being voted into the modding Liason officer, ratification of Perikles as Strategos, and the changes to the No Confidence Vote. Which now may be applied to a larger amount of positions, such as Judges and content staff. Also covered were various debates that are always happening in the Curia, ongoing votes, Curial Miscellany, and Makanyane's call for help for this very Wiki community project.

TWC Wiki

Makanyane keeps us all updated here, on changes on the Wiki, and the progress made.


Here all recent Articles on TWC were given a moment in the spotlight. Notable amongst them was tBP's Queer concern, and Farnan's articles on Iraq.

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