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Helios Issues:Fourteen

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Issue 14

Read the whole issue here on TWC.


State of the Thema Devia by Aristophanes

Vestigia Vetustatis by Scorch

Circus Maximus by Darkragnar

Despatches from the Curia by Ozymandias

The TWC Wiki by makanyane


Queer Concern by the Black Prince ~ "Talking T"

This week, the editorial is different. Over the last couple of months we’ve had a few threads come up that have debated trans issues. Whatever the subject of the thread, it was impossible not to note the shocking lack of knowledge people displayed when talking about this. It goes without saying that a lot of peoples prejudices stereotypes and misconceptions regarding the Tran community stem from a lack of knowledge and understanding. This editorial will, I hope, go some way toward to addressing that... read more

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"An Interview with a modern day Prole" by GrimSta

Imagine if you will a pub located in the heart of the middle of nowhere. The Pub is warm, it also has a slot machine, cold beer, and the Chelsea versus Wycombe game is playing in the background. Someone… presumably from Wycombe is crying as Chelsea score their goal. This is the backdrop to my interesting and genre spanning interview with Sam Beaton. As a quick warning to all those preparing to read this article I must just say that the depths of Sam’s mind are complicated, odd and downright scary sometimes, and the amount of different topics in which he has an (outspoken) view on is immense. That said I’ll bring in Sam..... read more

Other editorials by this writer.


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