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Hosted Mods (M2TW)

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Mods for the Total War Series
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This article follows the content of the Medieval II: Total War Hosted Modifications and M2TW: Kingdoms Hosted Modifications forums at TWC.


Released Modifications

(section includes public beta releases.)

Anno Domini

Main Article: Anno Domini

Anno Domini is aimed at the strategical player who also wants a campaign as historically correct as possible.

Beta released in this thread February 2007.

Broken Crescent

Main Article: Broken Crescent

Faris ha.jpg

A modification for Medieval II: Total War focusing on the Middle-Eastern warfare of 1175-1400 AD.

For release 1.0 see this thread.

Bulgaria: Total War (BGTW)

Main Article: Bulgaria Total War (BGTW)

Bulgaria Total War's aim is to add a couple of new factions to the game (including Bulgaria) in a historically accurate manner, as well as to improve the overall gameplay-experience from the vanilla in a variety of other areas.

Call of Warhammer

Main Article: Call of Warhammer

Call of Warhammer: Champions of the vile Chaos gods have stepped forward uniting into a northern tidal wave sweeping south. Orcs are growing restless in the cramped space of the Badlands. A WAAGGGHH!!! is inevitable and the Greenskin horde will soon unleash another of their destructive invasions. The mysterious Phoenix King has ordered an expedition corps to the Old World to stand by the forces of light in the coming struggles. The Empire and Kislev… will have to hold the line and stand tall against the coming of the Storm of Chaos.

The Character Names Project

Main Article: Character Names Project

What it says on the tin...

Releases available in this thread.

Clouds Across Europe

Main Article: Clouds Across Europe

Modification aiming for historical accuracy, realism and player enjoyment.

Released in this thread in April 2007.


Main Article: Heraldry Mod - Released segment
Main Article: Condottieri - Work in Progress

This mod, set in Italy during the Italian Wars from 1450 to 1550, aims to provide the player with a "what if....?" situation in which he will have the possibility to challenge the European superpowers and create an alternative end for the Italian states.

The Crusader States

Main Article: The Crusader States

A modification aimed at reproducing the Crusader States and the Nations of Islam as they where in 1119ad. Focusing an the conflict between Christianity and Islam in the Middle East.

Beta released in this thread January 2007.

Custom Campaign/Retro fit mod

Main Article: Custom Campaign/Retro fit mod

The Custom Campaign Mod is a small mod designed to provide additional game play and content for Medieval II: Total War. The Retrofit Mod retrofits various Medieval II Total War (M2TW): Kingdoms features, improvements and bug fixes to vanilla M2TW.

DarthMod for M2TW

Main Article: DarthMod for M2TW

Successor of the well known RTW mod series which aims to trace game-play inconsistencies and destroy them using balance and AI techniques.

Various downloads available see forums.

Deus lo Vult

Main Article: Deus lo Vult


Featuring a field cost script for the player, more role-playing elements and many changes to the trait system, as well as other changes.

Various release versions available, see official forums.

Das Heilige Römische Reich

Main Article: Das Heilige Römische Reich

Formerly known as The Empire: Total War.

This mod focuses on a much more realistic representation of the Holy Roman Empire: The vanilla HRE faction has been split in 9 factions and lots of features including Imperial Elections, Imperial Bans, Coronations, Antipopes, dynamic titles (including Prince-Bushops!), Counter-kings and Imperial Tax have been added. For the full list of features in the current version, see this thread.

Version 0.8a Beta for Medieval II - Kingdoms is out now. It can be found here: [1]

For more infos visit the mod's forums.

Eras Total Conquest

Main Article: Eras Total Conquest

The purpose of the mod is to allow the player to start in different eras; each with its own unique mix of different factions, start positions, and technologies. Currently there are 10 campaign which start in 970, 1080, 1200, 1220, 1300, 1330, 1400, 1453, 1500, and 1547. The 970, 1080, 1200, 1300, 1400, and 1500 campaigns cover Europe, the Near East and North Africa; the 1220, 1330, and 1453 campaigns cover Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India; and the 1547 campaign covers the whole world.

For more infos visit the mod's forums.

Falcom Total War 3 : The Total Conquest

Main Article: Falcom Total War

The purpose of this mod is to provide a world campaign map with all the factions with. The map covers the Americas to Japan, and the Greenland to Australia. 13 new factions to play (Japan, China, ...) and 3 new religions added.

Ferrum Aeternum

Main Article: Ferrum Aeternum

Ferrum Aeternum or "Eternal iron" is a mod with Brand new factions, new 2D art, Battle and Campaign AI improved, bigger map and new script tweaks and also New medieval music and new nnits and more small modifications.

For King or Country: The English Civil War

Main Article: For King or Country

The purpose of the mod is to simulate the first English civil war. The main aim is to accurately represent the two main factions, their leaders, their commanders and their armies. The mod aims to provide a unique battlefield experience by representing 17th century warfare, something that no M2:TW mod team has so far achieved.

Hardgame Mod

Main Article: Hardgame Mod

A mod aimed at making M2Tw as hard as it can be, it features a garrison script and other things to make this possible.

Heraldry Mod

Main Article: Heraldry Mod

A mod aimed at improving the traits of characters in M2TW

Invasio Barbarorum 2: Conquestu Britanniae II

Main Article: Invasio Barbarorum 2: Conquestu Britanniae II

A total conversion modification covering the British Isles and neighbouring parts of north-western Europe set in the year 449AD, a date known in British history as the Adventum Saxonum or 'coming of the Saxons'.

Kingdoms Grand Campaign(KGCM)

Main Article: Kingdoms Grand Campaign(KGCM)

A modification that adds every single new unit from Kingdoms into the Grand Campaign onto a truly epic map. The campaign is 2 turns per year from 1180 AD to 1500 AD. Also adding the Kingdom of Jerusalem and Antioch to the Holy lands, Teutonic Order and Lithuania to the Baltic, Ireland, Wales and Norway added to British Isles. KGCM also supports Multiplayer Campaigns.

King's Banner

Main Article: King's Banner

This mod adds over 130 new main banners, many new upgrade banners and over 300 new shield textures for Medieval 2. New symbols for some factions and new colour for Denmark and Byzantium.

Lands to Conquer

Main Article: Lands to Conquer

A mod aimed at improving the gameplay and balance of M2TW as well as a longer, slower campaign. It is made by Lusted but incorporates other modders work for the best gaming experience.

Magyar Mod

Main Article: Magyar Mod

A Mod for a better Hungary. Modded map, names, religions, the usual stuff, you know. Completely remodelled and re-skinned Hungarian units, new unit list.

The Long Road

Main Article: The Long Road

The Long Road Signature.jpg

The Long Road is geared toward an epic style campaign with a total of 900 turns and a large map with many provinces. It targets a balance between realism and gameplay. Targets a challenging campaign that is not tediously difficult.

Lithuania Mod

Main Article: Lithuania Mod

The Lithuania MOD is a mini modification to represent ancient balt culture Lithuanian faction warfare in medieval period. The first goal is mod for for vanilla M2TW.Second is to give TW community acurate info about Lithuania and created units for the community

Medieval Classic

Main Article: Medieval Classic Total War

Medieval Classic is a mod aimed to bring back features from Medieval 1 Total War into Medieval 2. It also is aimed at bringing back the purely dark medieval atmosphere that medieval 1 had.

Pro Deo et Rege

Main Article: PRO DEO ET REGE

Pro Deo et Rege is a mod aimed at providing a longer, more challenging and realistic campaign. Featuring many new provinces, units and a unique regional Area of Recruitment system, establishing and maintaining a medieval empire will not be easy - For God and King!

Regions & Provinces Mod

Main Article: Regions & Provinces Mod

Adds 69 Regions, Faction Name Changes, Historical name changes, garrison changes , more variety of units, New victory conditions.

Renaissance Total War

Main Article: Renaissance Total War

Renaissance total war.jpg

A mod set in the renaissance era, aiming to combine historical accuracy with a fun and dynamic campaign map and game-play.

Rise of Kings

Main Article: Rise of Kings

A combination mod for MTW2, aimed at adding more realism and balance. It includes a number of popular mods and additional amendments.

Road to Jerusalem

Main Article: Road to Jerusalem

A combination mod for MTW2 with rebalanced units stats for better game-play, new skins and new armour upgrades. Inspired by Lands to Conquer 1.21 (MTW2) and SPQR 6.2 (RTW).

Rusichi: Total War

Main Article: Rusichi: Total War

In this mod the player takes control of one of 3 Rus' kingdoms with the goal of uniting Rus' in the face of massive opposition from all sides: Mongols, Teutonic knights and even internal civil war.

Sinuhet's Formations

Main Article: Sinuhet's Formations

Sinuhet's formation mods for M2TW

Stainless Steel

Main Article: Stainless Steel

Stainless steel signature.jpg

A combination of bug fixes, many small mods, better AI and AI armies, more provinces, graphical improvements and many other campaign and battle map changes. The whole game offers now a much greater challenge!

THERA, Legacy of the Great Torment

Main Article: THERA, Legacy of the Great Torment

This mod is a fantasy mod that involves various fictional factions which focuses on intriguing and breath taking gameplay.

The Sicilian Vespers

Main Article: The Sicilian Vespers

This is a Late Era mod, for MTWII, that focuses on the War of the Sicilian Vespers. Some of the mods features include two new factions, Burrek's Knights & Knaves, and WhiteWolf's Byzantine Armour Progression.

Third Age: Total War

Main Article: Third Age: Total War

Third Age: Total War is a Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms total conversion about the conflicts in Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age.


Main Article: Xenophonia

The native speech mod project. A project that aims to provide the players of M2TW with voice packs (one language at a time) designed individually for (more or less) every faction in the game.

Ultimate AI

Main Article: Ultimate AI

A mod aimed at improving the campaign ai, diplomacy and alliances in M2TW

Vlad TW Mongolo-Tatars Invasion

Main Article: Vlad TW Mongolo-Tatars Invasion

A mod by Vlad focusing on the Mongolo-Tatars invasion of Europe, featuring historical Mongols, Turks, Germans, Russians and others.

Mods in Development

Aevum Fidei

Main Article: Aevum Fidei

Modification that aims to recreate a realistic medieval atmosphere - with the campaign split up into three separate eras, a new campaign map, new units and several more features.

Africa: Total War

Main Article: Africa: Total War

This mod aims at bringing you one of the most crucial time periods of African history, the time when European kingdoms sought to take control of the lands and riches of this ancient continent. Take up the sword and forge an empire, be it European, middle-easterner, or African.

Age of Warlords II - Total War

Main Article: Age of Warlords II - Total War

Agon: Rebirth of the Hellenes

Main Article: Agon: Rebirth of the Hellenes

Agon is a mod focusing on Ancient Greece and the nearby lands. It's primary goal is depicting the many conflicts that took place in the area in both a fun and historically accurate way. The mod will feature 29 brand new factions and many new units.

Ancient Egypt

Main Article: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a modification focusing on the land of the Nile during times which even Ancient Greeks considered ancient, times when the flood meant much, and when internal divisions and external invasions where something to be taken care of.

Bohemia Mini Mod

Main Article: Bohemia Mini Mod

This mini-mod adds a Bohemian faction to the game

Caucasia: Total war

Main Article: Caucasia: Total war

Caucasia: Total war is a major modification of MTW2 witch will center on medieval Caucasus wars. It will reflect history of the region from XI to XV centuries in the most historical way.

Claimants, Heirs, and Conquerors

Main Article: Claimants, Heirs, and Conquerors

ChC focuses on the more Provincial and localized Conflict in Western Europe during the renassaince. ChC contains new factions and a new map; plus numerous other features that will enhance gameplay! For the player who wants a truly Renassaince European "feel" to thier campaign.

Complete Byzantine Unit Roster

Main Article: C.B.U.R.

This is a project which aims to provide Medieval Roman (Byzantine) units to players and modding teams that focus from 6th to 15th centuries.

Dawn of Kingdoms

Main Article: Dawn of Kingdoms

The purpose of this mod is to add length, balance and overall enjoyment to the game. The mod will expand on what CA has already done by adding new factions, a bigger map and adjusting the AI to compensate. (formerly; Middle Ages Total War)

Dominion of the Sword

Main Article: Dominion of the Sword

Dominion of the Sword is an ambitious project aimed at making a Super mod, we have a large team made up of several contributing mods as well as our own dedicated staff. The mod aims to maximize the possibilities in the M2TW engine to make a game with realism, historical accuracy and playability. Most of all we are concentrating on an atmospheric and fully immersible experience of medieval warfare and rulership.

Dragolance: Total War-Takhisis Rising

Main Article: Dragolance: Total War-Takhisis Rising

Fantasy mod based on the novels of Tracy Hickman and Margret Weis. Takes place in the world of Krynn on the continent Ansalon. Krynns pantheon exist of three way, good, evil and neutral with its gods. Races are Human, Elfs, Ogres, Draconians, Minotaurs, Dwarfs, Kender a.s.o. The mod will handle the fight of good against evil, during the time the evil goddess Takhisis begins to influence the world.

East of Rome

Main Article: East of Rome

East of Rome covers the years 451-700 AD. Barbarians are savaging all over Europe but can the East hold out?

Europa Barbarorum II

Main Article: Europa Barbarorum II

Europa Barbarorum II is a total conversion of Medieval II, in order to match its setting, i.e. the age of Hellenism. Compared to its RTW-based predecessor Europa Barbarorum I, it is a completely revised version of the former, with several new or changed factions and many new units.

Europe Total War

Main Article: Europe Total War

Europe Total War is a mod centered in Europe. The game begins in 1072 and finishes in 1492. The main goal of this modification is to add supplementary factions and improved AI in both the campaign and battle maps. The mod also contains three other major campaigns showing different eras of Europe.

Medieval Wars

Main Article: Medieval Wars - Mod

A mod designed to make it so you face lots of full stacks turn after turn, and with adjusted unit stats for better game-play.

Mediaeval Auctoriso

Main Article: Mediaeval Auctoriso

Modification to cover the time period from 1073 to 1500, encompassing the areas of Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. Aims to provide the player with many more options for ruling his faction by creating a more authentic medieval experience.

Medieval: Wrath of the Norsemen

Main Article: Wrath of the Norsemen

Set in an exciting and blood-thirsty era with a larger map including all of Europe. A community-friendly project, that aims to give the player a true Total War experience.

Miak's Extended Map Mod

Main Article: Miak's Extended Map Mod

This mod makes massive expansions to the map North south east west as well as adding new factions with exotic units of different cultures.

Ortus Romani

Main Article: Ortus Romani

Once known as "Roman Era Mod", this mod brings the Roman Era to M2TW. The mod's main aims are realism, beautiful units, and of course to move the achievements of great RTW mods like RTR, EB to the improved engine!-

Princes, Kings and Heroes

Main Article: Princes, Kings and Heroes

Princes, Kings and Heroes is a major modification for the Kingdoms Expansion. It is centred around the period 1280 to 1330 (which covers the 2nd Welsh war, the Scottish war of independence and invasion of Ireland and the English internal wars of this period). It’s set on a large map and aims to be as historical as viable.

Reconquista:Total War

Main Article: Reconquista:Total War

The mod “Reconquista“ focuses on the Christian recapture of the Iberian peninsula and the attempt of the Islamic factions to cross these plans.

Rise of the Caliphate

"Main Article: Rise of the Caliphate"

The Shadows Of Ishitar

Main Article: The Shadows Of Ishitar

This Mod is about Arabia from around 814 bc till 400 bc with 18 factions including assyria, babylon and Israel

The Gathering Storm

Main Article: The Gathering Storm - Mod

The Gathering Storm is a modification project that strives to depict the world of the Late Roman Empire and the Migration Period as accurately as possible.

Tsardoms: Total War

Main Article: Tsardoms: Total War

Tsardoms is a total conversion set in Balkans, Asia Minor and Italy.

Vacuus Lux Lucis

Main Article: Vacuus Lux Lucis

Starting in 620 AD and going all the way to 1050 AD, the mod features new factions, a new map and new units. Its focus lies on the Saxons' supremacy over the Britons in England in the Dark Ages; the Irish golden age; the Pictish struggle against the Strathclyde confederation and the emerging factions of the Norse and the Danes in the late era.

Westeros Total War

Main Article: Westeros Total War

This project aims to recreate the wars in George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, with light reskins of the factions, an accurate map, completely redone ancillaries, titles for nobles, a kingship mechanic and new agent systems for spies and assassins. The mod begins right after the execution of Eddard Stark. This turns on the war locomotive for several factions. House Tully is under attack by the Lannisters, the Starks wants to take revenge, Renly and Stannis Baratheon want to seize the Iron Throne while House Greyjoy, Arryn and Martell are biding their time...

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