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Huang Zhong

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Huang Zhong
Huang zhong.png
Name: Huang Zhong
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Liu Clan of Xiangyang
Faction Leader: No
Style Name:Hansheng
Title:General of the Rear, Secondary Marquis

Huang Zhong is a unique character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

From Nanyang Commandery, Jing Province, Huang Zhong first appears in history as Liu Biao's General of the Household, likely having joined him not long after his takeover of the province. Sometime before 199AD, he was sent to Changsha Commandery along with Liu Biao's nephew, Liu Pan, and the two of them came into conflict with the forces of Sun Ce, who had recently taken over the neighboring Yuzhang Commandery. Their attempts to dislodge his men were unsuccessful and they were pretty soundly defeated by Taishi Ci. In 208AD, Cao Cao took over Jing, and Liu Pan was replaced by Han Xuan as Grand Administrator of Changsha. Huang Zhong was made a Major General and merged into the new administration. However, Cao Cao was soon defeated at Chibi, and all the commanderies south of the Yangzhi were left to fend for themselves. Liu Bei arrived not long after, and while Sun Quan was busy fighting Cao Cao in the north, Liu Bei demanded the surrender of the southern Jing commanderies. At Huang Zhong's urging, Han Xuan surrendered, and Huang Zhong joined Liu Bei.

Huang Zhong joined Liu Bei to briefly serve under Liu Zhang in 214AD, and then assisted in the coup to overthrown Liu Zhang as Liu Bei's subordinate, evidently performing well enough to be promoted to General Who Attacks Rebels. In 217AD, Liu Bei launched an invasion to wrest Hanzhong Commandery from Cao Cao. However, the first attempt under Zhang Fei and Ma Chao was defeated and the front stalemated for some time. Liu Bei tried again at the end of 218AD, this time bringing Huang Zhong, Huang Quan, and Fa Zheng on a more direct strike towards the commandery capitol, Nanzheng. They encamped at Mount Dingjun in early 219AD, but the Wei army under Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He came to the neighboring Zouma Valley to contest them. Liu Bei launched a night attack on their camp with fire to press Zhang He in place, and placed his unengaged southern flank under Huang Zhong. When Xiahou Yuan split off some of his command to help Zhang He and put the rest of it to work fighting the blaze, Fa Zheng directed Huang Zhong to launch their attack. The depleted, distracted, and surprised southern wing the Wei army crumbled and Xiahou Yuan, his deputy, and his son were all killed. The other wing of the Wei army withdrew in good order across the river under Zhang He and no further fighting took place. Cao Cao eventually had them withdraw across the mountains and Hanzhong was secured. Huang Zhong was made General Who Conquers the West for his contributions.

Liu Bei crowned himself King of Hanzhong not long after. Huang Zhong was promoted again, this time to General of the Rear and was enoffed as a Secondary Marquis. However, he died not long after of unrecorded causes in 220AD.

Start Location

Huang Zhong starts as an officer of The Liu Clan of Xiangyang

Start Overview




Huang Zhong starts as friends with his historical superior Liu Biao

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