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Huang Zu

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Huang Zu
Name: Huang Zu
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: Huang Zu
Faction Leader: Yes
Title:Administrator of Jiangxia

Huang Zu is a character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

From Jiangxia Commandery in Jing Province, Huang Zu first appears in history as the commandery administrator around the time that Liu Biao arrived in the province. Since the Han had restrictions on men serving in their home province, he likely took over sometime after the chaos weakened government control. Liu Biao struck a deal with him for funding and supplies in exchange for military support. Though Huang Zu was nominally his subordinate, Liu Biao had little control over Jiangxia, which Huang Zu ran like his own fief.

After the war between the Yuan brothers broke out in 191AD, Huang Zu was brought north to Fancheng to defend it from an attack by Sun Jian, Yuan Shu's subordinate. Huang Zu was pushed out of Fancheng, and was forced to take refuge in Xiangyang. However, despite continually losing to Sun Jian, a stroke of luck saw Sun Jian killed by a stray arrow during one of his pursuits of Huang Zu's routed forces and the conflict fizzed out.

The conflict was resumed sometime around 199AD, when Sun Jian's son, Sun Ce, had conquered most of the Jiangdong region to the east and had proceeded to turn his gaze west, towards Jing. Huang Zu initially tried to help one of Sun Ce's enemies, a Liu Xun, before Sun Ce could finish him off, but his reinforcement navy was destroyed and Sun Ce advanced on Huang Zu's territory at Xiakou. This time, Liu Biao sent him reinforcements, but Sun Ce defeated their combined army, capturing Huang Zu's family in the process.

Sun Ce was assassinated soon after, but his brother, Sun Quan, resumed the war with Huang Zu again in 203AD. A navy under Ling Cao was sent to Xiakou once again to do battle, and they succeeded in breaking through Huang Zu's navy. Huang Zu was put to flight and only saved by his subordinate, Gan Ning, who shot and killed Ling Cao during the pursuit. However, this proved to be Huang Zu's undoing. He didn't reward Gan Ning and attempted to subvert his men instead. Gan Ning then defected to Sun Quan and told him of Huang Zu's advanced age and lack of supplies. Sun Quan therefore sent another attack force (including Ling Cao's son Ling Tong) to Jiangxia city itself in 208AD. This time, when his lines collapsed, Huang Zu had no one to save him and was caught and killed by a Sun horseman in 208AD.

Start Location

Huang Zu starts as the faction leader of his own faction, in Jiangxia Commandery. He is a vassal of The Liu Clan of Xiangyang.

Start Overview




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