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Since the directions for creating a new page are unclear, I'll be doing my assassin research here.

The assassin stats can be found in the descr_campaign_db.xml file

     <assassinate_base_chance float="15"/>
    • This is the base percentage that a default assassin starts off with
     <assassinate_attack_modifier float="1.0"/>
    • Your assassin's agent skill (eyes) is added to this number and then the new number is multiplied to the base percentage


     <assassinate_defence_modifier float="0.0"/>
    • The targets skill (diplomacy, piety, ect.) is added to this number and then divided by the result of the previous two statements.
     <assassinate_public_modifier float="1.0"/>
     <assassinate_personal_modifier float="1.0"/>
    • Personal security traits (from failed assassination attempts for example) are added to this number and then multiplied to the result of the previous statements.
     <assassinate_counter_spy_modifier float="1.0"/>
    • A default division value that is applied to all calculations


     <assassinate_agent_modifier float="2.0"/>
    • A default multiplication value that is applied to all targets that are agents


     <assassinate_own_region_modifier float="0.7"/>
    • This value is a multiplier to assassinating targets to regions in your own lands
     <assassinate_assassinate_attr_modifier float="0.1"/>
    • If your assassin has these traits it is added to the number then multiplied

Prototype Handgun: +1 assassination, +2 law. 33% upon agent creation if there is a gunsmith or higher in the city. Child Apprentice: +1 assassination. 5% chance on killing a target. This one is ridiculously easy to get for some reason. Assassin's Blade: +1 assassination. 3% chance on killing a target. Also rather easy to pick up.

     <assassinate_chance_min int="5"/>
    • Minimum percentage of assassination chance
     <assassinate_chance_max int="95"/>
    • Maximum percentage of assassination chance

float attribute = numbers may be in decimal form int attribute = numbers must be integers

Results that are expressed as decimals are not rounded, thus a result of 10.7% = 10% ingame.


These are pretty self explanatory

Trigger agents6

   WhenToTest AssassinationMission
   Condition MissionSucceeded
   Affects GoodAssassin  1  Chance  100 

Trigger agents7

   WhenToTest AssassinationMission
   Condition not MissionSucceeded
         and not Trait BadAssassin >= 1
   Affects GoodAssassin  -1  Chance  50 

Trigger agents7_badassassin

   WhenToTest AssassinationMission
   Condition not MissionSucceeded
         and AgentType = assassin
         and Trait GoodAssassin < 1
   Affects BadAssassin  1  Chance  50 

Trigger agents8

   WhenToTest LeaderOrderedAssassination
   Condition MissionSucceeded
   Affects AssassinMaster  1  Chance  100 
   Affects DeceiverVirtue  1  Chance  5 
   Affects StrategyDread  1  Chance  50 

Trigger agents8a

   WhenToTest LeaderOrderedAssassination
   Condition not MissionSucceeded
   Affects AssassinMaster  1  Chance  10 
   Affects DeceiverVirtue  1  Chance  10 
   Affects StrategyDread  1  Chance  25 

Trigger agents9

   WhenToTest SufferAssassinationAttempt

   Affects Paranoia  1  Chance  33 
   Affects HighPersonalSecurity  1  Chance  75 
   Affects Gambling  1  Chance  15 
   Affects Girls  1  Chance  20 
   Affects Drink  1  Chance  20 

Trigger agents10

   WhenToTest SufferAssassinationAttempt
   Condition Trait Paranoia >= 3
   Affects Insane  1  Chance  30 
   Affects Deranged  1  Chance  10 

Trigger agents11

   WhenToTest SufferAssassinationAttempt

   Affects Xenophobia  1  Chance  8 
   Affects Introvert  1  Chance  25 

Much of this information comes from a forum posting I read by Dopp


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