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Iberia: Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Total Conversion
EraClassical Era
Mod Leader Monkwarrior, <--Viriato-->
Release Status 1.5
Forum / Thread Here

Iberia:Total War is a Rome: Total War Overhaul mod which focuses on the wars between Carthage and Rome with Iberia being the main battlefield.


Iberia: Total War has had its own hosted forum since June, 2005, The earliest version, version 1.0 was released December that year. The latest version of Iberia: Total War version 1.5 was released on June 21, 2006.


Iberia: Total War attempts to portray the struggles between Rome and Carthage as they attempt to gain control of the region. It also portrays the struggles of the various Iberian tribes to hold on to their homeland. The mod brings new factions speciffic to the Iberian region, new units, new music and four new provincial campaigns.



Iberia: Total War lets you choose from

  • Two Roman Factions- Rome and the Roman Senate
  • Carthage and Numidia
  • Greek and Italic Tribes- Greek Colonists and Italian peoples
  • Two Gallic Tribes- Gauls and Cisalpini
  • Twelve Playable Iberian Tribes-Cantabri, Asturi, Gallaeci, Lusitani, Celtiberians, Vaccea, illergeti, Edetani, Carpetani,Oretan,Turdetanians, Bastetani



Iberia: Total War introduces a whole array of new units to use in both campaign and custom battles. In total there are 245 cas models with 345 textures. Most units are available for most factions as they appear as auxiliaries and mercenaries in their respective regions.

Battle System

The battle system in Iberia: Total War has been changed radically from the vanilla Rome: Total War. The enemy AI is now harder to defeat and various tweaks to stats have changed how battles play out. Various weapons may be very deadly but slow to use while others can be quick to use yet not very deadly. Each piece of armour and each shield for each unit has been independently tweaked to provide a really polished affect to the gameplay. Units now behave like they would in real life. Heavy infantry has high defense, armour and attack but is slow to attack. Projectiles and ranged units now deal less damage but deal a higher morale affect. Speaking of morale, moral has been changed so units will rout quicker if put in a difficult position. One cavalry charge into the flank and that could be enough for them to rout. Battles are no longer won by who has the better units(although that helps) but by who uses the terrain to their advantage, uses the best formations and who has the best strategies.


  • The campaign map has been reworked with more settlements in Iberia. The campaign also only extends to the eastern tip of Italy.
  • The music has been reworked too.
  • New speeches for each faction have been added in.
  • There are four provincial campaigns and one "classical" imperial campaign.
  • All the models for generals, captains and fleets have been changed.

The Team


Visual Material

External Links

Iberia: Total War at TWC