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Invasio Barbarorum: Ruina Romae

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Invasio Barbarorum: Ruina Romae
Platform Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Mod Type Overhaul
EraLate Roman Empire
Mod Leader Gäiten
Release Status 7.03
Forum / Thread Here


The original INVASIO BARBARORVM, set in 410 AD, with the Goths in the outskirts of Rome, the Vandals in Spain, the Huns sweeping the east like a storm, and all of Gaul under the usurper Constantine III. The world is changing and new powers are on the rise as the fate of civilisation hangs in the balance. Will you defend Rome and restore it to its former glory, or will you batter down its walls with the hordes?


410 AD was a year that saw much of the Western Roman Empire in chaos. The Goths sweep through Italy like a plague, the Vandals seek to build an empire of their own on the ruins of Carthage, and the Huns mass on the borders of the Empire, even as refugee tribes inundate the lands of the West, even as the heart of the Empire has been crushed by the betrayal of COnstantine and his seizure of the vast and prosperous lands of Gaul. The Eastern Roman Empire is in almost as much trouble, locked in a dire battle with the vast Sassanid Empire, the outcome of which might ultimately be decided by the Lakhmid Arabs choice of allies. It is into this world that you are plunged.



Starting date in 410 AD

- All factions playable

- All factions reskinned - including sprites and unit cards

- New buildings with historical descriptions

- New and enlarged map

- New ancillaries

- New UI's, loading screens, intro movie, etc.

- Custom battlefields

- Intense campaigns, with each faction having their own strengths and weaknesses

- A simple installation but still using '-mod' switch (just click on the installer, it will do the rest, including detecting your Game Folder)

- Optional scripts etc. ( You will find these in the 'RTW\ibfd\options\' folder )

- Historical battles such as the battle of Adrianople, Nedao etc.


The Alamanni

The Burgundii

The Langobardi

The Franks

The Saxons

The Visigoths

The Ostrogoths

The Vandals

The Slavs

The Huns

The Hephthalites

The Picts

The Eastern Roman Empire

The Western Roman Empire

Imperium Constantini ( Western Roman Rebels )

The Romano British

The Sassanids

The Persarmenians

The Berber Amazigh

The Lakhmid Arabs

The Team

Current Team:





Former members:

Attila Reloaded

Ramon Gonzales y Garcia


INVASIO BARBARORVM is a series of mods for BI focusing on the Late Roman Empire, roughly speaking from the 3rd to the 5th centuries AD. The mod was originally founded by Attila Reloaded and initially consisted of gradual replacement of new made units. As the mod expanded it came to feature not only new units, but also a new map and new buildings etc. When Attila Reloaded retired from the modding community, the leadership of IBFD passed to Ramon Gonzales y Garcia, who was the team leader in charge when the 7.03 version of the mod was released.

After the release of IBFD 7.03 ( Download ), the decision was taken to rename the mod to RVINA ROMAE, and work on the 8.0. version began. Currently the leadership of IBFD/RR is shared between Gäiten and Joar.

Included Mods

INVASIO BARBARORVM FLAGELLVM DEI has currently spawned four submods, of which two have been released:


RIO'S INVASIO BARBARORVM : FLAGELLVM DEI ( also known as Rio's Beyond Roman Glory )

INVASIO BARBARORVM : VLTIMVS ROMANORVM ( technically a submod of Rio's BRG )


New young and old portraits

Visual Material

Currently two previews have been released to the public:

- The Romans -

- The Barbarians -


Download link and forum here; Invasio Barbarorum: Ruina Romae

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