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Invasio Barbarorum: Ultimus Romanorum

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Invasio Barbarorum: Ultimus Romanorum
Platform Barbarian Invasion
Mod Type Overhaul
EraLate Roman Empire
Mod Leader Magister Militum Flavius Aetius
Release Status v0.2.4
Forum / Thread Here


A new addition to the INVASIO BARBARORVM group of late antiquity mods, VLTIMVS ROMANORVM will be released on 3 platforms one after another.

  • INVASIO BARBARORVM: VLTIMVS ROMANMORVM: RTW: Barbarian Invasion v1.6 (In Progress)
  • INVAISO BARBARORVM: VLTIMVS ROMANORVM Special Edition: RTW: Alexander v1.9 (Planned)


Originally proposed in March, 2010 by the user Magister Militum FlaviusAetius, INVASIO BARBARORVM : VLTIMVS ROMANORVM quickly began to gain popularity, although no real progress on the game was made until late July, 2010. Still in the developmental stages, it has received much feedback in terms of popularity and criticism. Originally built for IB v 1.6, the team decided to switch over to the more versatile Alex v. 1.9 platform. The mod focuses heavily on Flavius Aetius, and the campaigns of Attila in the mid 5th century. It begins in 429 AD, and is set to end in early 461 AD. It includes many new features for RTW Alex such as playable naval battles and the Fulcrum ability. It also includes custom general unit models for the Generals of multiple factions. New units such as a custom general's bodyguard, Navis Iusoria, and others will also be implemented. The Mod itself was closed and then re-opened, and release date is set to whenever it's done.

There will be 3 versions of the mod availible on multiple platforms.


  • Playable Naval Battles in Campaign.
  • New Historical Navies and Naval Units.
  • Christianity Broken into Arianism and Trinitarianism .
  • New Ancillaries.
  • New General, Roman, Sassanid, and Barbarian Unit/Building Models.


  • Replace Phalanx/Shieldwall with Fulcrum (Foulkon) formation
  • New Fabricae System Replacement for Blacksmiths

The Team

The Team includes the Mod leader and original Founder, Magister Militum FlaviusAetius (originally named Magistri Militum FlaviusAetius). New members were quickly added, the first of which were beta testers that include, aenima, juvenus, and others. Soon char joined as a 2D artist, and hannibalcaesar as a scripter and coder. hannibalcaesar was later offered the position of co-leader by MMFA. Remlap and Lu Bu (originally Karlo'st) quickly became the 2 3D skinners and modellers, and now lionheart, virilluster, and Aurelius Silvanius Tacitus have joined as the head researchers. The team is unusually large, but manages to function well.

Most of the team members left when the project was abandoned. Magister Militum Flavius Aetius is the only member working on the project, along with a resaercher, Aurelius Silvanius Tacitus.

Active Members


VLTIMVS ROMANORVM was founded by Riothamus and Magister Militum FlaviusAetius in late march, 2010. By late April, the mod had a huge group of supporters and Ideas were flowing in. Originally some alternate history items were going to be offered in a downloadable patch, but this Idea was scrapped. By Late June some progress was beginning, but it was very slow. When Remlap joined the team in late July, there some hope that the mod would be successful was restored. In September, 2010, Remlap Retired from the IBUR team, leaving Lu Bu as the sole 3D modeller. The available previews and information show that the mod is now rapidly developing into a new IB prodigy.

The Mod was closed in the Middle of 2011, but is being re-started by Magister Militum Flavius Aetius. Development will continue by February 2012.

The mod is working on an Alpha build, which consists of basic features and is open to public testing.



Included Mods

Based off of (with permissions):

  • Attila Reloaded's Late Roman Army Mod v0.3

Included Additions (with permissions):

  • Joar's Late Antiquity Ancillaries
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