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Invasio Barbarorum: Ultra Gloriam Romae

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Invasio Barbarorum: Ultra Gloriam Romae also known as Rio'S IBFD BRG II is based on the desperate situation the Roman Empire had to face from the barbarian invasions and their newly established kingdoms during the fifth century.

The Rio mod contains some ideas, buildings, free access to the IB materials and model units from the Invasio Barbarorum up to its Rio'S IBFD BRG II and thus a sub mod. It contains historical Germanic, Gaelic, and Romano British model units from Arthurian TW. and it contains Ice Torques beautiful BI WarMap. From these mods my mod is truly indebted and for that I'm grateful. With the addition of Beyond Roman Glory their are incentives to recapture Roman Glory and to even go Beyond. I have added new ancillaries, buildings and have implemented a new military, economic and capital cities with a unique economic system, (Legion Augusta III further enhancements)and recently created for most factions client kingdoms and Sassanid saptry units. The mod had developed into a unique mod very different from the original IB.

It contains two campaigns, a 434AD provincial campaign and the 463AD main campaign. The provincial campaign in 434AD depicts the Western Roman Empire as on the verge of collapse. A huge and mighty Hun Empire has threatened to engulf anything in their way thus creating a wave of desperate fleeing Germanic hordes into Roman lands, thus severely crippling the Western Empire. In the 463AD campaign the Western Roman Empire is depicted on its final leg. Much of its vast European boundaries have now dissipated to the Italian peninsula itself. Many of the invading Barbarians had by this time rooted themselves into established kingdoms within the Roman Empire. The Empire in the east is now the new Roma and the Empires base of strength but even they are faced with an equal in the east, the Sassanids. Also there are 4 Alternative Factions now for the 463AD campaign only

  • Thuringia
  • Original
  • Gepidae
  • Alemanni

The Rio mod campaigns of 434 AD and 463AD requires the player to rebuild its empire and to once again regain the lands it has lost to the expanding barbarian hordes and from the mighty Huns. Bringing back this imperial glory is worthy of only a true Roman emperor for only through his greatness this can be done. But once accomplished can the other worlds that were never fully Romanized such as Northern Britannia and Hibernia, Germanica, the Asian steppes, and the Sassanian Empire become its newest conquests?

Restoration of the old Empire:-Semi Romanized lands: high -happiness and law penalties. Penalties are not as high as the Non Romanized lands for these lands have been settled by the migrating barbarians for at least several generations.

To Conquer beyond Any Roman lands:-Non Romanized lands very high -happiness and law penalties. Lands never conquered or held onto for a short period of time. As the author of the mods it has been put together to my own philosophy and vision but I have had some very creative ideas from members who have played this mod. Posted here: https://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=64371

The game is set up to play out in a historical fashion. There are what I call general "truths" that this author has allowed for game play and historical imagination. As a player you have the ability to change history. Nothing is etched in stone. Factions that do not have more than a few provinces will be at a disadvantage. and therefore they will be a challenge to play. Win conditions are set lower for a historical less powerful faction.

Other factions present are among others:

  • Alemanni
  • Eastern Roman Empire
  • Franks
  • Hunnic Empire
  • Romano-British
  • The Sassanid Empire
  • Western Roman Empire

See Mod forum: https://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=254

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