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Invasio Barbarorum 2: Conquestu Britanniae II

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Invasio Barbarorum 2: Conquestu Britanniae II
Platform Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Mod Type Total Conversion
Era449-600 AD
Mod Leader [Riothamus]
Release Status Released
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An Expansion is very near release IB2: Conquestu Britanniae II is a modification for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms.



Invasio Barbarorum 2: Conquestu Britanniae II is a Total Conversion modification for Medieval II: Total War (Kingdoms). It features a brand new and historically accurate campaign map, a multitude of new units and factions, accurate character names and royal family members, new buildings and new religions. It is centred in and around the British Isles during the period between 449 and 600 AD.



Invasio Barbarorum: Conquestu Britanniae II features Brythonic Factions, Gaelic Factions, Germanic Factions and Roman Factions

Brythonic factions:

  • The Kingdom of the Britons (Regnum Britonnum)
  • The Kingdom of Guened
  • The Kingdom of Gododdin
  • The Kingdom of Ebrauc
  • The Kingdom of Ystrad Clut
  • The Kingdom of Llydaw
  • The Kingdoms of Pictavia

Gaelic Factions:

  • The Kingdom of the Uí Néill
  • The Kingdom of Dál Riada
  • The Kingdom of Mumainha
  • The Kingdom of Connácht

Germanic Factions (Continental):

  • The Franks (Regnum Francorum)
  • The Thuringians
  • The Saxons of Germany (Sahson)
  • The Alemanni
  • The Frisians (Friesland)

Germanic Factions (British Isles)

  • The Jutes (Yterna)
  • The Saxons of Britain (Seaxna)
  • The Angles (Ængla)

Roman Factions:

  • The Western Roman Empire in Gaul
  • The Council of Britain (Consilium Britanniae)

Emergent Faction

  • The Hun (unplayable)


Conquestu Britanniae II features a brand new campaign map spanning from Ireland in the west to the Harz Mountains of central Germany in the East. It encompasses all the British Isles, north-western Germany, the Low Countries and northern France.


The modification features Catholicism, Palagianism, Germanic Paganism and Celtic Paganism. Each religion has their own churches, shrines and temples.

New Units

Conquestu Britanniae II features hundreds of completely new units.

Conquestu Britanniae II Team

A detailed list of all BC developers and contributors can be found here.


This mod will be released in early November 2012.

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