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Ireland (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


Ireland are a new faction introduced in M2TW Kingdoms. They control half the island of Ireland due to an English invasion, which started in 1171 under King Henry II with the support of a Papal Bull.

Starting Position


At first glance, the Irish starting position seems weak, as the English control half the settlements on Ireland and all 4 Irish settlements are spread out around these English settlements. However this is misleading, the English-controlled parts of the island is still strongly Irish, the English themselves will be busy fighting the Welsh for much of the early game so few elite units will be in Ireland. The Irish also start the game with their unique character, Brian O'Neill.

Once the island of Ireland itself has been united, its a prosperous and secure base to build up to the stronger Irish units and plan further conquests.

0020-4.jpg 0021-4.jpg 0022-3.jpg 0024-4.jpg 0023-4.jpg

Victory conditions and starting agents

Long: Hold 35 Regions,, and hold Dublin and Trim

Short: Hold 25 regions and hold Dublin and Trim


Hero- King Brian O'Neill

The Irish hero is King Brian O'Neill. Although Brian receives no emerging armies, he has a unique trait entitled 'Chieftain's Chosen' which does-

  • +1 Command
  • +2 Authority
  • +3 Morale to all troops on the battlefield


Unit Summary

Ireland has a weak early game roster, which gets much stronger as time goes on, they are notably lacking in archers compared to England and Wales yet Deisi Javelinmen can fulfill much of this role even until the late game and this is compensated for by their excellent cavalry (such as lord's retinue and calivermen). Also of note is that Irish spearmen can only be recruited in towns, but as Irish cavalry is the best in the campaign, spearmen are not often a high priority for Irish generals. Early units are mostly made up of very weak infantry and the few Galloglach mercenaries you can gather, along with a few scattered weak cavalry and Gaelic archers making for a very melee-based force with a severe weakness in attacking and defending walls. High units are quite good, with some decent units from castles joining the fight, Ulster Swordsmen and Gallogliach are effective offensively and against the armoured units England, Scotland and Norway tend to employ at this time and they are very affordable, you can also get Horseboys who are good javelin throwing horse archers. Late on units are very good, with Mounted Calivermen and Muire who are expensive and have low numbers but with 2 hitpoints and high attack and defense values can dominate opponents in seiges where there is a very small front and no chance for flanking, you're basically unstoppable against everything except a very powerful ranged force England (M2TW Kingdoms) and Wales (M2TW Kingdoms) unfortunately may be good enough sometimes).



0001-3.jpg 0002-3.jpg

0004-3.jpg 0005-3.jpg 0006-3.jpg 0007-3.jpg

Ranged Infantry

0003-4.jpg 0008-3.jpg 0009-3.jpg


0010-4.jpg 0011-3.jpg 0012-3.jpg 0013-4.jpg 0015-3.jpg

Ranged Cavalry

0016-5.jpg 0017-5.jpg









Irish Mercenaries

If another faction captures an area with high Irish culture then they will receive Irish mercenary units.

0026-5.jpg 0027-4.jpg 0028-4.jpg

Overall strategy

England loses Dublin (modern capital of Ireland) in the 2nd to 3rd turn. After uniting Ireland, the Irish should then try to develop their economy and to help weaken the English through assassins and spies, or help the English and destroy the other factions in the map and then betray the English. When choosing the first option you should always try and attack the English through subterfuge. When your army reaches about 2 full stacks or so, that you can definitely support (the upkeep doesn't make you bankrupt) then you should attack England or Scotland and take over the northern part of the mainland. After achieving that you should destroy Norway and take the nearby islands. You should encourage the barons alliance at all times, preferably by making sure the enemy's leaders are always low authority ones. Since after securing all of Ireland your relations with the English are abysmal it is easiest to assist Wales with the destruction of England but if Wales is winning the conflict with England or the Barons alliance has happened Wales will be your biggest threat and should be your target, Scotland and Norway usually fight amongst themselves and are better to take out in the late game as it's less convenient then Wales and England and owning Wales and England and taking out Scotland is much easier then owning Scotland and taking out the advanced England or Barons or Welsh who have dominated this conflict.

Strategy Guides


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