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Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line

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IS TTRL sig.jpg
Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line
Platform Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
Mod Type Custom Battle
EraVictorian (South Africa, 1879)
Mod Leader Isandlwana
Release Status Released/Under Development
Forum / Thread Here

Isandlwana - The Thin Red Line, is a modification for Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms. It is a Battle Map only mod which gives the player the opportunity to replay the famous Battle of Isandlwana from either the British or Zulu perspective.


The first version of the mod was released on January 3rd, 2012 and the current version is 0.2. Further development and debugging is an objective but momentarily pending.

  • ver 0.1
  • ver 0.2
    • Some unit descriptions fixed / added
    • Music files replaced / added
    • One semi-historical unit added
    • Unnecessary files removed
    • Battle editor ('back to menue')-error fixed


Factions & Units

This mod features many historically authentic units of the same type.

  • British Empire (including Colonial Troops & Auxiliaries)
    • Col. Pulleine and Bodyguard, (1/24th Foot)
    • Col. Durnford (R.E.) with NNMC Troop
    • Lt. Francis Porteous' A Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Capt. Reginald Younghusband's C Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Lt. Charles Cavaye's E Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Capt William Mostyn's F Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Capt. George Wardell's H Company, (1/24th Foot)
    • Lt. Charlie Pope's G Company, (2/24th Foot)
    • Lt. Curling's Division, ('N'/5th R.A.)
    • Maj. Russel's 9 Pdr. Rocket Battery, (11/7th R.A.)
    • Imperial Mounted Infantry Squadron No.1 (Detail)*
    • Natal Mounted Police (Detail)*
    • Buffalo Border Guard (QM MacPhail's Detail)*
    • Natal Carbineers (Lt. Scott's Detail)*
    • Capt. Bradstreet's Newcastle Mounted Rifles (Detail)*
    • Capt. Krohn's Coy No. 6 (1/3rd, Natal Native Contingent)
    • Capt. Stafford's E Coy (1/1st, Natal Native Contingent)
    • Zulu Coy (2/3rd, Natal Native Contingent)
    • Lt. Raw's Zikhali Horse Troop No. 1 (Natal Native Mounted Contingent)*
    • Lt. Robert's Zikhali Horse Troop No. 2 (Natal Native Mounted Contingent)*
    • Lt. Vause' Zikhali Horse Troop No. 3 (Natal Native Mounted Contingent)*

Units marked with * at the end are available in mounted and dismounted variant

  • Zulu Kingdom
    • inGobamakhosi ibutho warriors
    • uMbonambi ibutho veterans
    • uVe ibutho warriors
    • umKhulushane ibutho veterans
    • isAngqu ibutho veterans
    • umCijo ibutho elite warriors
    • umHlanga ibutho warriors
    • uDududu ibutho warriors
    • uNokhenke ibutho elite warriors
    • uThulwana Mounted Scouts
    • uDloko ibutho warriors
    • inDluyengwe ibutho veterans
    • iNdlondlo ibutho warriors
    • Iziduna Ntshingwayo kaMahole Khoza with elite bodyguard
    • Iziduna Dabulamanzi kaMpande with elite bodyguard


  • New menus
  • Authentic unit sizes and names
  • New unit cards
  • New unit info cards
  • New loading screens
  • New quotes
  • Authentic unit stats
  • Historically correct unit descriptions
  • New music
  • New models
  • Completely new textures
  • New faction banners
  • New loading animation for dismounted riflemen

The Team

Visual Material

Screenshot, click to enlarge


External Links

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