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Jodo Shinshu Temple (TWS2)

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Jodo Shinshu Temple (TWS2)
Jodo Shinshu Temple S2TW.png
Ikko Ikki Type
  • Ikko-Ikki
  • Enables
  • Jodo Shinshu Monastery
  • Units:
  • Ikko Ikki Naginata Warrior Monks
  • Spawned Defence Forces
  • Ikko Ikki Naginata Warrior Monks Garrison
  • Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 850
  • +1 happiness for the Ikko Population
  • Spreads the radical Ikko Faith to neighboring provinces (+1 religious zeal)
  • Converts the populace to the Ikko Faith (+3 religious zeal)
  • Enables recruitment of Rank 1 Ikko Monk
  • Clan Effects
  • Each Ikko Chain enables you to sustain one additional Ikko monk (Maximum: 5)
  • Enables recruitment of Ikko-Ikki Naginata Warrior Monks
  • See main article; Buildings (TWS2 Fall of the Samurai)


    One Word, One People, One Way.

    The temple is the centre of the community. From within its walls, monks spread the teachings of Buddha to the people, converting many and inciting others to revolt. The temple monks bring a message of hope too, spreading happiness and, in war, their presence is an inspiration. Unlike other Buddhist sects, Jodo Shinshu Buddhism placed great importance on the lives of those who followed its teachings. Followers were not expected to devote their entire lives to study. Instead, their faith was to be part of their ordinary, everyday lives. It was these principles that brought about the Ikko Ikki. As well as strong religious beliefs, the Ikko Ikki had equally strong political beliefs, desiring an end to feudal government, the Shoguns and the whole state. Instead, the people would rule themselves, and the Ikko Ikki were willing to die to bring about their aims. Naturally, this pitted them against the great lords of the time, including Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga. It would be Nobunaga who eventually brought destruction to the sect at the brutal battle of Nagashima.

    This building can only be constructed by the Ikko-Ikki and cannot be used by any other clan.

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