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Kingdom of Jerusalem (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The Kingdom of Jerusalem (KoJ) is a Catholic Crusader faction along with the Principality of Antioch. The Kingdom of Jerusalem is also playable.

Starting Position

The Kingdom of Jerusalem starts with the key city of Jerusalem and a number of castles and towns in the area such as, Tyre and Kerak. The KoJ is situated in modern day Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. To the South are the Egyptians, who will prove to be your greatest enemy. To the east there the rebel settlements of Homs, Damascus and Balbek which will allow you to expand East. To the North there is the Principality of Antioch. You start with a large amount of armies, But are limited by the fact that egypt gains a few units very early on in the initial jihad .

0000-4.jpg 0001-4.jpg 0002-4.jpg 0003-5.jpg 0004-4.jpg 0005-4.jpg 0006-5.jpg 0007-5.jpg 0008-4.jpg 0009-4.jpg

Victory Conditions and intiial agents

  • Long
Hold 25 regions. Hold Jerusalem (30 Turns), Bagdhad (10 turns), Limasol (10 turns), Cairo (10 Turns), Tripoli (10 Turns). Eliminate Faction :Egypt
  • Short
Hold 15 Regions. Eliminate Faction :Egypt



The KoJ's military power is centred around heavy cavalry such as, the Constable of Jerusalem and Knights of Jerusalem. They also have good infantry and access to mercenaries from the ports. Like Antioch, the Koj lack the mounted archers and missile units in general that the Islamic factions have. They do however have some effective crossbows.


0013-6.jpg 0014-6.jpg 0015-5.jpg 0016-7.jpg (commonly found as mercenaries) 0052-4.jpg (commonly found as mercenaries) 0053-4.jpg

Ranged Infantry

0017-7.jpg 0018-6.jpg 0019-7.jpg 0020-6.jpg


0021-6.jpg 0022-5.jpg 0023-6.jpg 0025-6.jpg 0024-6.jpg 0026-7.jpg 0027-6.jpg 0028-6.jpg

Ranged Cavalry

(commonly found as mercenaries) 0054-4.jpg


0029-8.jpg 0030-7.jpg 0031-6.jpg 0049-5.jpg 0051-4.jpg

Common Mercenaries


Battle Tactics

Mangonel Use

When using mangonels its best to use them in a choke-point (An area enclosed in a way that forces all the enemy units to move through it, such as a river crossing or a gate) and aim it at the back of the enemy units and not the front. This usually results in a large amount of enemies dead although misfires can happen. A Armored and strong unit should be used to hold the enemy.

0056-3.jpg 0057-3.jpg 0058-3.jpg

How To Deal With Horse Archers

There are many ways for a faction to overcome horse archers, which will likely be your nastiest enemy in the whole campaign. The ways I consider best are in the order of best to worst:

Well protected ranged units

The best way is to use a ranged unit behind a armored one, if its crossbowmen its best if theyre slightly to the side of the unit so that they dont have to shoot upwards. This is best with normal archers too when possible.

Fast Cavalry

A good way to do so is to use speedy cavalry, either to flank the enemy or to chase them down if its fast enough. I find that Crusader knights are excellent for this, Being quite well armored and having a good attack value. And still being quite speedy! mounted sergeants are also quite good. Turkomans/poles are speedy but not very well armoured.

Luring to walls

Its possible to lure the enemy to your walls, but your rarely fighting defensively in a settlement anyway .

Soaking it up

You can use heavy infantry to soak up the damage, but sometimes your enemy will attempt to flank you or just outright charge. and even if they dont then your still losing men . Eventualy they will run out of arrows.

Fighting Horse Archers with Horse archers

Simple enough to use your turkomans to defeat the enemy, but your turkomans are far inferior. You will probably lose a lot more men doing this.


Jerusalem, Latin Kingdom of, feudal state created by leaders of the First Crusade (see Crusades) in the areas they had wrested from the Muslims in Syria and Palestine. In 1099, after their capture of Jerusalem, the Crusaders chose Godfrey of Bouillon king; he declined the title, preferring that of defender of the Holy Sepulcher, but with his election the kingdom may be said to have begun. His brother and successor, Baldwin I, took the royal title. He and his successors were nominal overlords of the principality of Antioch and the counties of Edessa and Tripoli, which, with the royal domain of Jerusalem, constituted the great fiefs of the kingdom. Jerusalem itself contained the counties of Jaffa and Ashqelon, the lordships of Krak, Montreal, and Sidon, and the principality of Galilee.

Due to its existence during the height of feudalism, the kingdom was based on the purest forms of feudal theory. The kingship was elective, and the Assizes of Jerusalem, the law of the country, reflected the ideal feudal law. In practice, however, irregularities soon appeared, and the kings actually were chosen on dynastic considerations. The great feudal lords rarely felt bound to their overlord in the chronic struggles of the Latins among themselves and with the Mamluks of Egypt, the Seljuk Turks, and the Byzantine emperors. The rise of the great military orders, the Knights Templars, the Knights Hospitalers, and the Teutonic Knights, as well as the intrusion of new Crusaders further undermined the royal authority.

Edessa, captured by the Seljuks in 1144, was the first Latin state to fall to the Muslims. The subsequent Crusades did not halt the Muslim advance, and in 1187, Jerusalem itself fell to Sultan Saladin after his victory at Hattin. The city was partially recaptured in 1229 by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, but permanently lost in 1244. The Crusades of Louis IX of France and Edward I of England were failures, and in 1291, Akko, the last Christian stronghold, fell.

The kings of Jerusalem of the house of Bouillon were Baldwin I (reigned 1100–1118) and Baldwin II (reigned 1118–31). The crown then passed to the Angevin dynasty, beginning (1131) with Fulk and ending (1186) with Baldwin V. On Baldwin V's death the title passed to Guy of Lusignan and then to the successive husbands of Isabella, daughter of Amalric I: Conrad, marquis of Montferrat; Henry, count of Champagne; and Amalric II, king of Cyprus. In 1210, John of Brienne received the title; his son-in-law, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, crowned himself King of Jerusalem in 1229. After Frederick's death (1250) the title was held by members of various families that had a claim to it, notably the kings of Cyprus, the Angevins, and the houses of Lorraine and Savoy

KOJs Hero(richard the lionheart)

Richard the lionheart appears at turn 12 with a large stack of forces, He is KOJs hero and he only appears once. He has a special ability to rally all routing men and return them to wavering status. Rarely useful .

Unique Buildings

Templar houses Line




Guild Missions


Capture Jerusalem 6 Units 2000 Gold reward

Moderate =

Take Limassol Take Acre 3 Units 1000 Gold Reward

Minimal =

Recruit Merchent 1 Unit 500 Gold Reward

Jousting Lists Line

i8228_0062.jpg i8229_0063.jpg

Power Center :jerusalem

Their power center is the city of jeruslam , It allows them to recruit constables of jeruslam and Marshal of the templars.

They recieve reinforcements to take it back when its taken These are not restrictive of when they are done!Conditions simply have to be filled For example you could lose jeusalem when its over turn 70 and you have 3 settlements adn youd get the first wave, then if its taken back the next turn and then taken away the next turn youd get the second wave.

First wave (KOJ has under 5 Settlements and turn is >20 )

2 Knights of jeruslame 2 Squries of tripli 2 sodeer archers 2 syrian militia 2 frankish axemen

Second Wave(KOJ has under 6 Settlements and turn is >30 ) 2 Knights of jeruslame 2 squires of tripoli 2 meronites of lebanon 2 mounted sergeants 2 frankish axemen

Third Wave(KOJ has under 7 Settlements and turn is >40 ) 2 Knights of jeruslame 2 squires of tripoli 2 meronites of lebanon 2 templar sergeants 2 frankish axemen

Fourth Wave(KOJ has under 8 Settlements and turn is >50 ) 2Knights of tripoli 2 squires of tripoli 2 templar sergeants 2 templar crossbowmen 2 frankish axemen

Fifth Wave.(KOJ has under 9 Settlements and turn is >60 ) 2 knights of tripoli 2 frankish axemen 2 templar crossbowmen 2 templar sergeants 2 dismounted knights of jeruslam

Initial Jihad

0010-6.jpg 0011-5.jpg 0012-5.jpg

Strategy Guides




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