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Local Moderator

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A Local Forum Moderator (or Local Moderator, Local Mod, or simply LM) is a normal member with moderating powers inside a specific forum. They are usually devoted to this forum and its community, however they are not counted as TWC staff.

They may do all normal moderating procedures within that forum, though can not infract, suspend or ban users. Should a certain member break the ToS within that forum they should be reported as done with all rule breakers.

A Local Mod is identified with a grey coloured name rather than the regular users' black coloured name, and they may change their usertitle. The Local Moderator title is inherited via Admin. Should you wish to become a Local Moderator of a certain forum you should get in contact with the chief forum moderator of that forum.

Hosted mod forums normally have the mod team leaders and/or selected team members assigned as Local Moderators.

PowerWizard wrote a detailed guide on the 'office' of Local Moderators, which can be found here.

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