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Lombardi (RTW:BI Faction)

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Lombardi (RTW:BI Faction)
The Lombardi faction symbol
Name: Lombardi
From Game: Barbarian Invasion
Culture: Barbarian

The Lombardi are one of the non-playable factions in the Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome: Total War. They can be made playable through very simple modding. They are in the Barbarian culture group.

Game Play

Starting Position

Campus Lombardi (Tribus Lombardi) is located to the east of the Burgundians and north of the Campus Marcomanni around modern-day Germany. The Lombardi capital starts off as a majority Pagan city with a population of around 8500 which makes it a fairly large town. The Campus Lombardi is the lone starting province for the Lombardi and the province includes the grain and amber resources to facilitate a smooth economy.

Win Conditions

The Lombards seek to invade Italy.





Strategy guides and AARs


"To the Langobardi, on the contrary, their scanty numbers are a distinction. Though surrounded by a host of most powerful tribes, they are safe, not by submitting, but by daring the perils of war." -Tacitus

From the second century onwards, the major, well-known barbarian tribes started to join forces, these tribes include the Franks, Alemanni and even the Saxons. However, the Lombardi disappeared from Roman history and records around this time. The Lombardi were un-detected because of how deep they penetrated into the forests of Germany. Probably due to un-productive harvests, the Lombardi migrated from their homes. The Lombardi then crossed into the land east of the Elbe, Mauringa, where they came into contact with a tribe that refused to let the Lombardi pass. The strongest man of each tribe fought each other; the Lombard soldier was victorius and a path was fixated for the Lombardi to pass through the lands. The Lombardi travelled to the region of Golanda and after Golanda, the Lombardi reached the former homeland of the Burgundians. In their camp, the "Bulgars", assumed to be the Huns, stormed the Lombardi and most likely took them captive. After a vicious rebellion, the Lombardi rid themselves of Hunnic conquest, declaring: "(The Lombardi) became bolder in undertaking the toils of war."

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