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Dol Guldur, or as he is known at TWC, MasterOfNone, was the co-team leader of The Fourth Age: Total War (where he was known as Palantir) and the coding manager of the same mod. He is a well-respected modder and a leading figure of the Community and a pioneer in many ways; he has for example invented the 7 culture system. He has written many great tutorials, the most widely known and used of which being the Complete EDB (export_descr_buiildings) Guide, posted at The Org, including:

After retiring from The Fourth Age: Total War, he and Makanyane cooperated to realise his original concept and released the Multi-Mod Sampler, which went on to be featured in best-selling magazines, such as UK's PCGamer. Not much later, Dol Guldur's personal modification Gods & Fighting Men: Total War, set on mythic era Ireland, was released, once again boasting unparalleled creativity, quality and stability (as well as complete modfoldering of course). He is also the main author behind Viking Invasion II, Dominion of Britannia and Norman Invasion.

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