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10 Russians  
10 Russians  
11 Spanish  
11 Spanish  
12 Turks  
12 Turks
Non Playable Factions Include: Vatican, Sicilians, Novgorod, The Golden Horde, Aragonese
===Battle Play===
===Battle Play===

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Medieval: Total War is the second game of the Total War series and was released 30th August 2002. It also had a highly successful sequel called Viking Invasion.

Blurb Description

Rule your kingdom through four centuries of brutal Medieval warfare. Lay seige to mighty fortresses and command vast armes across the battlefields of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. This is no time for the faint-hearted. THIS IS TOTAL WAR!


Medieval: Total War is a total war game that is set in the medieval period. Players can take command of 14 different factions and fight across Europe, Nothern Africa and the Middle East. Players also get the option to choose between three time periods : Early (1087), High (1205) or Late (1321).

Campaign Play

The player takes command of armies, agents and fleets to try and gain control over the known world. They move around the map taking it in turns with the AI to battle over provinces and strategic locations. Also, new to this game, engage in seige battles and fight your way through medieval castles to gain control of the land.

The Campaign Map

This game was the last to feature a 'risk' style map as the campaign map. The map covered most of Europe and North Africa, similar to Shogun it featured centralised building. This meant that all buildings were built at the town centre.

MTW map.jpg


1 Almohads 2 Byzantine 3 Danes 4 Egyptians 5 English 6 French 7 Germans 8 Italians 9 Polish 10 Russians 11 Spanish 12 Turks Non Playable Factions Include: Vatican, Sicilians, Novgorod, The Golden Horde, Aragonese

Battle Play

This game was the first in the TW series to feature siege battles and used siege equipment for the first time. The other gameplay elements were very similar to Shogun:Total War.



  • PC Gamer - Score 95% - "Medieval lifted the bar so stupidly high for war-simulating RTS's that all other competitors looked up, shook thier heads and had a bit of a cry." Need Link!

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