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Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms batch

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Creating a shortcut file with io.file_first for Kingdoms

Since all the Kingdoms levels are loaded from the launcher in order to load the file_first option you need to create a shortcut file or load them as mods.

In this page I will explain how to create a shortcut file for any of the Kingdoms Mods - all you need to do is :

  1. create a shortcut for the kingdoms exe file
  2. right click the shortcut and click on properties
  3. in the destination line where it says path\Kingdoms.exe add the following :

\kingdoms.exe --io.file_first --features.mod=mods/NameOfModFolder

For instance if MTW2 is installed on c:\Games\MTW2 and you want to load crusades:

C:\games\MTW2\kingdoms.exe --io.file_first --features.mod=mods/crusades

This will allow you to mod Kingdoms using the files unpacked from the pack files without creating any CFG's or mod folders.

Hope you find this useful.

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