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The Sundance Kid joined TWC in the summer of 2005, but did not begin participating in earnest until early 2007. It is due to this that many view him as a fairly recent member, yet he has witnessed many of the TWC upheavals from the sidelines, as it were. He was, for a brief period, a librarian at the TWC Scriptorium and remains a content writer for the Helios publication, reporting on the Universitas Ludus Olympus, or sports and activites, section.

The Sundance Kid is a light-hearted member who doesn't often get 'stuck-in' in the Political Mudpit, but has posted multiple times in the Ethos, Mores, et Monastica forums and more often the Thema Devia. He was made a citizen on the 28th August 2007 for his contributions to the site. He was patronised by Annaeus.

He changed his name to that of the famous outlaw, The Sundance Kid, from 'Melboy', at exactly midnight on December 31st 2007. Purely for dramatic effect.

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