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Members' Awards

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The TWC Site Awards began in December 2005 to recognize members for creativity, humor, having the best avatar, and generally being unique among the forum population. TWC members can vote on who will win each of the many award categories every year; although in 2006 the awards where held three times. Whoever receives the most votes in a category wins an award, and since 2007, winners also get a badge that is visible on their profile and anywhere they post.

Site Awards winners

Below is a list of all Site Awards winners, the award they won, and the year they won.

A list of all winners and runners-up can also be found on the TWC forums.


Category Member
Best Signature Dr Zoidberg, Lord Rahl, Lord Alameda
Best Avatar Siblesz
Best Historian Seleukos
Best Politician Sulla
Funniest Member MareNostrum
Most Original Member DrakKassleron
Spammiest Civitate Squeakus Maximus
Member Most Likely to Succeed in Life Siblesz
Most Sarcastic Member Cluny the Scourge
The James Bond One Liner Crandar
Most Controversial Member Crandar
Most Liberal Member Atheist Peace
Most Conservative Member Rush Limbaugh


First Quarter

Category Member
Best Signature Darth Wong
Best Avatar rez
James Bond One Liner Darth Wong
Best Historian Ranika
Most Controversial Member Atheist Peace
Funniest Member MareNostrum
Most Sarcastic Member Cluny the Scourge
Spammiest Civitate Sqeakus Maximus
Best Politician Tacticalwithdrawal, Archer
Most Original Member DarkKassleron
Most Likely to Succeed in life Siblesz
Most Helpful Staff Member imb39


Category Member
Best Signature imb39
Funniest Member Ferrets54
Best Writer Siblesz
Most Eloquent Siblesz
Most Helpful Senior Moderator imb39
Most Likely to Succeed in Life Mirmirswell
Renaissance Man Garbarsardar
Best Philosopher Siblesz
Most Helpful Junior Moderator Lusted
Best Historian Spartan JKM
Most Respected Member Siblesz, Garbarsardar
Best Looking Male Manji
One Liner Ferrets54
Most Sarcastic Cluny the Scourge
Best Looking Female Queen of Trousers
Best Avatar Menander


Category Member
Best Debater Ozymandias
Best Political Poster Garbarsardar
Best Historical Poster ThiudareiksGunthigg
Best Ethical Poster Ozymandias
Most Technical Member Simetrical
Most Popular Member imb39
Most Controversial Member Professor420
Funniest Member Captain Arrrgh!
Best Strategist General Sun
Best Bug Reporter player1
Best AAR Write Hex Khan
Best Screenshot crypel
Best Reporter Evariste
Favorite Staff Member imb39
Most Helpful Staff Member imb39
Best Looking Male Member Yorkshireman
Best Looking Female Member Katrina
Gayest Member the Black Prince
Most Helpful Member Lusted
Friendliest Member Katrina
Fastest Rising Newb Manstein16
Best Mentor imb39
Best Avatar or Signature imb39, Manji


Medal Category Member
SA2007-sm.png Best Debater ThiudareiksGunthigg
SA2007-sm.png Best Political Poster Ferrets54
SA2007-sm.png Best Historical Poster ThiudareiksGunthigg
SA2007-sm.png Best Ethical Poster Siblesz
SA2007-sm.png Most Technical Member Simetrical
SA2007-sm.png Most Popular Member imb39
SA2007-sm.png Most Controversial Member mansa musa
SA2007-sm.png Funniest Member Ferrets54
SA2007-sm.png Best Strategist Prince_of_Macedon
SA2007-sm.png Best Bug Reporter The Fuzz, Drtad
SA2007-sm.png Best AAR Writer The Fuzz
SA2007-sm.png Best Screenshot Kagemusha
SA2007-sm.png Best Community News Reporter RZZZA
SA2007-sm.png Favorite Staff Member imb39
SA2007-sm.png Most Helpful Staff Member imb39
SA2007-sm.png Best Looking Male Member Tony83
SA2007-sm.png Best Looking Female Member hullahooplolli
SA2007-sm.png Most Helpful Member imb39
SA2007-sm.png Friendliest Member imb39
SA2007-sm.png Fastest Rising Newb pannonian
SA2007-sm.png Best Mentor imb39
SA2007-sm.png Best Avatar/Signature Maker Atterdag
SA2007-sm.png Favorite Content Editor Tom Paine
SA2007-sm.png Most Pendantic Member the Black Prince


Medal Category Member
SA2008-sm.png Best Debater Garbarsardar
SA2008-sm.png Best Political Poster RoMe kb8
SA2008-sm.png Best Historical Poster keravnos
SA2008-sm.png Best Philosophy Poster ThiudareiksGunthigg
SA2008-sm.png Best Technical Poster Simetrical
SA2008-sm.png Most Popular Member Garbarsardar, Miraj
SA2008-sm.png Funniest Member Captain Arrrgh!
SA2008-sm.png Best AAR Writer Juvenal
SA2008-sm.png Best Screenshot Toboe
SA2008-sm.png Best Community News Reporter Thanatos
SA2008-sm.png Favorite Staff Member Garbarsardar
SA2008-sm.png Most Helpful Staff Member Garbarsardar
SA2008-sm.png Best Looking Male Member Tony83
SA2008-sm.png Best Looking Female Member fatman
SA2008-sm.png Most Helpful Member Augustus Lucifer
SA2008-sm.png Friendliest Member Chaghatai Khan
SA2008-sm.png Fastest Rising Newb PowerWizard
SA2008-sm.png Best Mentor imb39
SA2008-sm.png Best Avatar/Signature Maker Caradog
SA2008-sm.png Favorite Content Staff Member Empress Meg


Medal Category Member
SA2009-sm.png Best Debater Яome kb8
SA2009-sm.png Best Political Poster Яome kb8
Osceola2009-sm.png The Osceola History Award Osceola, ThiudareiksGunthigg
SA2009-sm.png Best Philosophy Poster Quetzalcoatl
SA2009-sm.png Best Technical Poster Simetrical
SA2009-sm.png Best Scientific Poster Simetrical
SA2009-sm.png Most Popular Member Chinggis Khan
SA2009-sm.png Funniest Member Heinz Guderian
SA2009-sm.png Best Role Model imb39
SA2009-sm.png Most Valued Member King Kong
SA2009-sm.png Most Helpful Member Aradan
SA2009-sm.png Friendliest Member Calvin
SA2009-sm.png Fastest Rising Newb Astaroth
SA2009-sm.png Best Mentor imb39
SA2009-sm.png Best Avatar/Signature Maker Tzar
SA2009-sm.png Favorite Staff Member (Hex Admin or Tech Staff) Aradan
SA2009-sm.png Most Helpful Staff Member Aradan
Calvin2009-sm.png Calvin Content Staff Award Calvin, Nazgûl Killer
SA2009-sm.png Favorite Member of Moderation Staff Legio
SA2009-sm.png Best Looking Male Member Tony83
SA2009-sm.png Best Looking Female Member Visna


Medal Category Member
Osceola2010-sm.png Osceola Historical Posting Award rez
Calvin2010-sm.png Calvin Content Staff Award Major Darling
SA2010-sm.png Most Helpful Member Mega Tortas de Bodemloze
SA2010-sm.png Favorite Member of Moderation Staff Legio
SA2010-sm.png Friendliest Member Mega Tortas de Bodemloze
SA2010-sm.png Best Political Poster Jom
SA2010-sm.png Best Debater Jom
SA2010-sm.png Most Helpful Staff Member Ishan
SA2010-sm.png Best Technical Poster Simetrical
SA2010-sm.png Best Scientific Poster Simetrical
SA2010-sm.png Best Philosophy Poster elfdude
SA2010-sm.png Favorite Staff Member Legio
SA2010-sm.png Best Graphical Artist y2day
SA2010-sm.png Fastest Rising Newb Jom
SA2010-sm.png Best Mentor Nanny de Bodemloze
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