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Mexico (ETW Faction)

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Mexico (ETW Faction)
Mexico FlagETW.png
Name: Mexico
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

Mexico is an unplayable minor emergent faction in Empire: Total War.


Mexico is created when the region of New Spain rebels and captures the region capital. It is somewhat of "major nation" in a sense because of the plentiful natural resources and powerful capital in the New Spain region. Unlike most other minor nations, they can cause noteworthy problems for their enemies. If their capital is well-established, they quickly begin to train a large army. This is allotted through the New Spain region usually having over 10,000 resources when fully developed. Mexico is aggressive and will spread and conquer every nearby region if left unchecked; therefore, factions wishing to take control over the Americas must keep Mexico's growth in check-or eradicate it. Other than their massive economic start, they have a standard line up of infantry, cavalry, and artillery as any other nation.

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