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Militia Hoplites (RTW unit)

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Militia Hoplites (RTW unit)
Militia hoplite (RTW).png
Class Spearmen
Unit Size 160 men
  • Spear
  • Sword
  • Morale 2
    Melee Attack
  • 5
  • 3
  • Ranged Attack N/A
    Defence 8
    Charge Bonus
  • 2
  • 1
  • Accuracy N/A
    Range N/A
    Ammunition N/A
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 230
    Upkeep Cost 100
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit Unlimited
    Building Requirements Barracks
    Technology Requirements None
  • Can sap
  • Can hide in forests
  • Can form phalanx
  • Militia hoplite unit card (RTW).png Militia hoplites are levies drawn from cities and thrust into battle with a little training.


    Militia hoplites are levies drawn from cities and thrust into battle with a little training. They fight best as spearmen, and are armed with long spears and each carries the large round hoplon shield which gives them their name. As a type of infantry hoplites have been around for centuries and have changed little in tactics or equipment. These men wear no armor, but then they are drawn from the poorer classes and it is traditional for citizens to provide their own war gear when called into the army. The cities of the Greek world have a long tradition of the people defending their own cities from invaders.

    They are at their best when used as a solid block of spearmen and can form a phalanx to attack the enemy.


    Militia Hoplites are the first phalanx infantry unit for Macedon, the Greek City-States, the Seleucids, and Thrace. Militia Hoplites are inexpensive units that appear early in the game. Their ability to form a phalanx is vital for their survival on the battlefield. A combination of poor morale, low attack, and little armor make these units poor soldiers without being in a phalanx formation. Because of their low morale, make sure they have friendly troops nearby and hopefully a general. Even when they are in a phalanx formation Militia Hoplites can easily be routed if flanked or attacked from behind, despite their stronger front side of the phalanx. Militia Hoplites are also susceptible to missile fire.

    Despite their weaknesses, if their morale holds they can often crush other early tier infantry, even troops like Falxmen that are usually a lot better might end up being butchered on their spears. However they should be replaced by the far superior Hoplites as soon as possible.


  • Greek Cities Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Greek City-States
  • Macedon Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Macedon
  • Seleucid Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Seleucids
  • Thrace Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Thrace
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