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Minutemen (ETW Unit)

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Minutemen (ETW Unit)
Class Militia
Unit Size 160 Men
Weaponry Muskets
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 700
Upkeep Cost 170
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements Army Encampment
Technology Requirements None
  • Can skirmish
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in light scrub
  • Can hide in long grass
  • Can hide in buildings

  • Euro minutemen icon infm.png These self-appointed militiamen are expert shots and fight as irregular infantry, often under officers chosen by the men


    Minutemen are so called because they pride themselves on being ready to defend their homes and families within a minute of being alerted to danger. This somewhat optimistic claim should not, however, underestimate their ability to inflict damage on enemies with their long rifled muskets. They are adept at using what cover is available, and at sniping from that cover.

    Historically, the minutemen were among the first American forces to engage British regular troops during the American War of Independence (1775-1783). Their thoroughly unsporting habit of not standing in line to get shot was much despised by their British opponents. Had the Geneva Convention applied at the time, the minutemen could have been shot out of hand as “illegal combatants” because they certainly did not wear uniforms.

    It can be argued that the success of the minutemen gave rise to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution (the right to keep and bear arms), although it is often forgotten that the text mentions a “well regulated militia” as “being necessary” which, it could also be argued, might not be quite the same as everyone who wants one having a gun. The name “Minuteman” was recently revived as the name of a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile in USAF service.


    Minutemen are a militia-type unit belonging to the faction United States. They are generally superior to regular militia and are only marginally more expensive. Minutemen fall into a category between line infantry and militia and can be used to fulfill either role, although they cannot really stand up against true line infantry in a direct engagement. Minutemen also possess some light-infantry attributes, such as firing in unison (in contrast to firing by rank) and being able to hide in tall grass.


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