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Mod Register

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The Mod Register is currently maintained by lolIsuck.

The Register has been organised into separate sections for each Total War game and is visible at the top of each game's forum section.

Each register entry includes basic information about the modification, useful links and a permission statement. Whilst the permission statement is enforceable only on TWC it does also provide a useful guide to mod teams' intentions regarding re-use of their content.

Each game has a Registry Catalogue which lists all the mods in the register. These can be found at the links below:


The TWC Modding Registry was founded as a place where individual and team modders could submit a form that recognized them as the 'owners' of the mod, at least on the TWC forums. After responsibility was transferred from the Curia to the Hexagon Council, the forum was renamed the Mod Register and placed within the Modding Discussion forum.

The last Modding Registrar when it was a Curial Position was Hader.

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