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Modding News Front Page Announcements 2020

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This is a compiled list of the year's TWC Front Page News Announcements about mods (updated approx. monthly) - to view latest modding announcements view here to request an announcement go here. Please do not add mod update information directly to this page - release and update information which hasn't had an announcement can be added to the Wiki game portal pages and/or the mod finder tables.

For 2019 announcements see: Modding News Front Page Announcements 2019

Total War: Warhammer

Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity


The latest update to SWO-RD for Total War: Warhammer II adds Dwarves to the game, with their heraldic roster, and also overhauls the climate. Now the game has more climates, and more effects!

SWO-RD for Total War: Warhammer II has been updated! Bretonnia has been added, with its full heraldic roster, and so have the new units from the recent DLCs, and there's a new Dynamic Manpower System, based on the number and size of the settlements and recruitment buildings you own.

Total War: Attila

Mugen's Medieval 1212

Mugen's Medieval 1212 is a beta-release submod for Medieval Kingdoms Total War for Total War: Attila. It provides 4 turns per year, increased zoom on the campaign map, and changes to military tech, armies, edicts, tax rates, generals, skill traits, morale, and much more...

Total War: Rome II

AAA Generals


AAA Punic Generals for Total War: Rome II has now been released! This mod is the latest in a series; it changes the appearance of generals based on Age, Advancement and Acclimatisation.

Demetrios Poliorketes


New previews have been released for Demetrios Poliorketes for Total War: Rome II, showing details of the land rosters of Demetrios, Lysimachos, Pyrrhos and Ptolemy!

Divide et Impera Sub Mods

Age of Hellenism


Age of Hellenism 1.3 for Divide et Impera for Total War: Rome II has been released! The new patch focuses chiefly on the CAI modifications that are meant to further enhance the role of the Successor Kingdoms and Parthia on the campaign map in line with the historical developments associated with these factions.

DIGS for DeI


DIGS for Divide et Impera for Total War: Rome II has released its Alpha_01 version! This mod removes some of the diplomatic features from the vanilla game. With the mod, diplomatic communications can only take place at certain times, and diplomatic attitude will affect AI behaviour.



Smartmap is a tool for Divide et Impera for Total War: Rome II. It will be extremely useful for graphic works and for startpos work, among other things. If you'd like to help this project become reality, you can! You don't even need to be a modder!

Iron Age: Rise of Rome


Iron Age: Rise of Rome for Total War: Rome II will be based on Rome II's sixth campaign pack, Rise of the Republic. The campaign takes place in the Italian peninsula during the Early Iron Age, from the foundation of Rome to the beginning of the Republic. If you can create startpos, technologies and models, then you could help to build this mod

Rise of Alexander 2020


Rise of Alexander 2020 for Rome: Total War - Alexander has been released! The mod provides some new models, increases the number of playable factions, changes the win conditions for many factions, and makes various other changes to the game.

Total War: Age of Bronze


Total War: Age of Bronze for Total War: Rome II has posted a new art preview! For an early look at the helmets, clothing and weapons Benjin has been working on, follow the link.

Total War: Shogun 2

Historical Sengoku Jidai mod


The Historical Sengoku Jidai mod for Total War: Shogun 2 will provide you with historical armies, in more diverse colours, and with only actual units of the period. There will also be changes to recruitment, the map, and the clans.

Napoleon: Total War

Prussia 1780-1806


Prussia 1780-1806 for Napoleon: Total War adds fifty units of Prussian infantry (grenadiers and musketmen) to the game. For additional screenshots and to try out the mod, click on the link.

Empire: Total War

Nine Years' War


The Nine Years' War submod for Colonialism 1600 AD for Empire: Total War is drawing closer to release. For now, though, feast your eyes on the latest previews, and look back at previously posted images to see what has already been done!

Ottoman Total Overhaul

The 1 year 4 turn mod for Ottoman Total Overhaul for Empire: Total War provides you with 4 turns in each year - why not try it out?

Medieval II: Total War

Aurei Imperii


Aurei Imperii for Medieval II: Total War is a mod that starts in 150 BC, just before the 3rd Punic War and the Achaean War. The mod includes improved AI, recruitment based on area of influence and government system, traits for improved gameplay and role-play and much more.

DCI: Last Alliance


One ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. One by one, the free peoples of Middle Earth shall fall to the power of the Ring. Some will resist but the power of the Ring will not be undone. The DCI team proudly present Mordor of the Second Age, in the Third Age: Total War submod project DCI: Last Alliance.

Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate


Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms now has three alternative campaigns, a working Sky City custom settlement, an Oocca strat-model, new skins, new unit cards, gameplay changes and more!

One Ruler on Earth


One Ruler on Earth is a submod under development for Falcom Total War III for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms. It's set from the 13th to 17th centuries and provides new factions and overhauled unit rosters. A new beta build has been released, with balance changes and the addition of Egypt, Mali, China, and Korea to custom battles.

Plus Ultra


Plus Ultra (A better Americas campaign) for Medieval II: Total War has been updated! Additional factions have been added, changes have been made to region names; other details are listed in the thread. If you'd like to help with modelling units or the map, please contact the mod team - they'd love to hear from you!

The Great Conflicts


After more than ten years of ups and downs, The Great Conflicts for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms has its public alpha release today! Please bear in mind that this is not a full release - but the mod team needs your feedback, and hopes this alpha release will whet your appetite for more!

Tsardoms: Total War


The beta release of the Swiss Confederacy for Tsardoms: Total War for Medieval II: Total War has inspired an unusual and interesting preview in the form of an AAR! (Please note that this AAR is based on a closed beta; there has not yet been any public release.)

Rome: Total War

ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod


Once again, ahowl11's VE Mod for Rome: Total War has been updated - to version 17! This major update integrates RTR into the mod - there are new units and new reskins, there's new music, there are changes to recruitment... there's too much to list here.

Version 16 of ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod for Rome: Total War has been released! In v16 you'll find a new mercenary pool system, features from RTR 5.4.1, new historical battles, and of course, some new units!

ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod for Rome: Total War has now released version 15! This version includes new units, changes to prices and upkeep costs, alterations to the factions Carthage and Gaul, changes to battles, and of course fixes!

Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy


Barbarian Empires: Hellenistic Legacy 1.03 for Rome: Total War - Alexander has now been released! This version includes elements from recent versions of Lanjane's Barbarian Empires, as well as many new features included only in this mod!

Classical Age Total War


The Year is 88 BC. The ancient world is a troubled place. Sulla will soon take his first command in the East against a menacing Mithridates; there will be civil war in Rome; and from the Balkans a huge army will attack the Roman province of Macedonia. The Mithridatic wars will last until 63 BC, bringing fame to a certain Gnaeus Pompeius... CATW 08 for Rome: Total War introduces brand new factions like the Saka, the Indo-Greeks, Kush and the elusive Yuezhe nomads.

Europa Barbarorum


A new preview has been posted for Europa Barbarorum 1.33 for Rome: Total War! It includes diplomats, an assassin, even elephants - and more!

Extended Cultures V


Extended Cultures V version 1.0.4 for Rome: Total War has now been released! It includes a performance update, an update to the bonus for wonders, and access to master smiths for eastern factions. There are also some script fixes, but these need testing, so please report any problems with them!

Nation, Empire - War


Nation, Empire - War for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion includes new buildings, new models, new textures, a rearranged menu, and a huge map - among other things.

Nation, Empire - War for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion will include new buildings, new models, new units, new textures, a rearranged menu, and a huge map - among other things.

Runescape: Total War


Runescape: Total War for Rome: Total War is under construction. Would you like to play a Runescape mod? Can you help to create it? Coders and mappers are particularly needed, but if you can help in any way - or if you're just interested in the mod - click on the link.

Star Wars Total War

Not far into the future, in a galaxy very, very close to you, a Star Wars mod is being created for Rome: Total War! Star Wars Total War is looking for a team to help build this exciting mod. For more details, more videos, or to offer your assistance, click on the link.

Sudamerica Total War

Sudamerica Total War is a South America-based mod for Rome: Total War - Alexander; and it now has a demo release! Why not try out the mod and help it to become even better by reporting any bugs you find?




HotSeatTool is designed to expand and overhaul the capabilities of Medieval II: Total War as well as fixing some bugs. It allows you to set your own limits for the number of religions, make characters immortal, and much, much more. The project is being actively developed and needs your support. For more information about the mod and how to use it, or to offer help with modding or testing, click on the link.



MicroDDS is a fast, light texture viewer that supports all DDS formats. It can be used to view textures quickly - and it can also be used for batch conversions from DDS to TGA.

RTW Ancillary Editor

Vercingetorix's RTW Ancillary Editor for Rome: Total War is now working once more, thanks to Gigantus's addition of several dll files to the download.


There has been a breakthrough in the development of RMEditor - the issue with importing custom animations for existing skeletons has been solved! To learn more, or to see a video, or even to take part in beta testing, click the link.

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