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Modelling in 3dsmax

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RTW Modding Index

Professor420's Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are likely the best resource for unit-editing in Rome: Total War, covering unit creation from start to finish.

The tutorials (completed set) are now located Here.

All tutorial videos are 1024x768 Quicktime Movies (mp4), and are in .rar archives (I suggest WinRAR for decompressing].

Tutorial 1
Covers basic 3dsmax familiarity and selecting a concept for modelling.The first tutorial deals with importing and basic model preparation.
Tutorial 2
Covers modeling the character chosen in Part One.
Tutorial 3
Covers modeling the equipment for our Elven warrior.
Tutorial 4
Covers UV Unwrapping the models.
Tutorial 5
A basic intro to texture painting.
Tutorial 6
Covers the binding and exporting process.
Tutorial 7
An introduction to optimizing models into LoD models.
Extras, including sample textures, shortcuts, and some miscellaneous project files.
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