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Moors Details (M2TW Faction)

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1024px-Unbalanced scales.svg.png This is a Faction Details article or section.
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The Moors are a combination of the Almohads and Almoravids, as such, they begin with control of provinces in north-west Africa and southern Iberia.

Provinces in this area of the Mediterranean are quite spaced out, as such Moorish armies will have to rely more on ships to move around or be prepared for a long march, thankfully Moorish ships are of a good quality.

This is also a surprising advantage, if Granada is converted to a city and another castle conquered on the Iberian peninsula, then trade between Corduba, Marrakesh and Granada will flourish. If an army is sent south into the Sahara desert, then the rich and easily securable provinces of Timbuktu and Arguin to the west of it can create a massive boost to the Moorish economy.

The Moors are a Muslim faction, and as such can join jihads. However, since some Jihad targets are in the East, the Moors should prioritize declaring Jihads they can complete themselves. All you need is an Imam with 4+ piety. The capitals of most Catholic/Orthodox should be available for Jihad, along with select rebel settlements, most of which are in the East. Jihads provide many advantages, especially when it comes to making excellent governors. A jihad should yield 5+ chivalry for the general in charge, and 4+ for family members who tag along, due to the Holy Soldier trait and Chivalrous Knight retinue.

Initially, the greatest land threats are Portugal, France and Spain. If Toledo is conquered and used as the main unit production centre, then the Moors will be in a good position to defeat the Spanish and Portuguese. Algiers will be a tempting target for the Italian powers, and one can expect even more attention from them if you expand towards Tunis and Tripoli.

The Moorish militia are relatively weak, especially compared to the other Islamic nations. Most units lack armor, and can only be upgraded to leather, thus making these armies vulnerable to missiles. The exception is the urban militia, which are inferior to most heavy infantry but not bad for militia.

These problems are partially offset by the fact that the Moors have the best heavy infantry in the old world. Hashashim are above average, but the Dismounted Christian Guard can best any infantry in the world except Dismounted Conquistadors. While the Moors have okay professional spears, i.e. the Lamtuna who trade armor for attack power, these spearmen have the same upkeep as mercenary spearmen, which seem to be slightly better units in most situations. The Taureg Camel Spearmen are essentially mobile spears, albeit in a smaller group. Their smaller numbers and mediocre stats means they are true support units against enemy cavalry. Though they lack the stats to act alone, they are especially potent when paired with a dread general against enemy cavalry, making them run sooner as horses fear camels. When cavalry engage your spear infantry, the camels are mobile enough to flank or rear-end the enemy cavalry, making them rout or die quickly. Their upkeep is an obscene 300 florins per turn, however.

Do not forget the peasant crossbowman. Units of a similar name in other factions have poor range, but the Moorish version has longer range and is almost equivalent to mercenary crossbowmen but with very low upkeep (and low armor).

The Camel Gunners are also worth a mention. While is it true that camels scare horses, camels are slower than light horses, these camels don't have the stats for melee, and you can't count on mounted units to run. Thus, it is best to keep them out of melee most of the time, and take full advantage of their very long range muskets to take a heavy toll.

Faction summary


Secure starting position with only the Iberian's to worry about to the North. Strong cavalry and infantry in the high period. Access to Christian Guard, both mounted and dismounted. Quite wealthy lands to be conquered in Africa. Easy access to the America's when they appear. Mounted spear units, unique and deadly to enemy cavalry. Has the use of camel units which frighten horses and give a decision advantage in desert combat. Mostly cheap units mean your economy will not be too strained.


Lacks strong militia. Has some large spread out territories that can be hard to reinforce quickly. Will most likely be prone to Sicily expansion and possibly even the Pope's aggression. Sometimes attracts Crusader attention. The early game is the hardest for the Moors. Your troops are of lower quality than that of your catholic rivals. Exclusive units aren't available until later on.


The Moors position can be a difficult one, if an unwise Sultan lets the Catholics take control of Iberia. The Moorish people must force the Catholics from the Peninsula to ensure security and survival. Once Iberia has been freed from Christian hands, Western Europe is free for the conquest. The Moors will need to beware of Italian expansion southward, if the Italians gain a foothold in the Sahara it will be difficult to expel them back to their homelands. A strong leader needs to focus the empire's resources in Iberia while also maintaining a watchful eye on Eastern Moorish lands to counter any invasion force that tries to establish a presence in Africa. From the start you should be focusing on upgrading your settlements. Focus on barracks or ranges in your castles, not stables, as you can build your best cavalry units in huge cities. Your biggest weakness is in your troops armor, but most of them can only be upgraded to leather anyway, and several of your best-armored units can't be upgraded at all, so building armor buildings will NOT be a priority. All possible resources should be diverted to capturing Timbuktu to the South. This is easily one of the most isolated cities in the world is is extremely rich in trade and resources. Once this settlement is taken the Moors have a strong financial base which will bring in much needed cash for your empire. The Moors have two choices. Either take Iberia or take Italy. Generally, it is best to secure Iberia first. The French have relatively poor land, so Italy is a better choice after Iberia if feasible. Egypt should be left alone until late in the game as they are far away but contain a city needed for long campaign domination. They should never be allied with, as if you're not the crusade target they probably will be.

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