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Multi-Mod Sampler

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The Multi-Mod Sampler (MMS)

(Version 1.1 for Rome Total War 1.5 - presented by Dol Guldur and Makanyane with unit balancing by Aradan)

Now supported by NINE of the most popular and acclaimed mods for the Rome Total War engine... Arthurian Total War, Chivalry Total War, End of Days, Europa Barbarorum, Fourth Age Total War, Napoleonic Total War II, Rome Total Realism VII, Terrae Expugnandae, The Lord of the Rings Total War.

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What Is A Mod?

Rome Total War has spawned many private modifications (or mods), from realism to the age of muskets - even into the realm of fantasy! Many of these mods fall by the wayside, but some go on to be considered as good as or even better than the original game...

In an effort to bring these successful mods more into the public eye, MMS has been created.

Why MMS?

Mods often have long download times, they may be incomplete or very unstable. MMS hand picks mods based on their reputation, stability and quality as well as trying to include a wide range of genres or time periods.

MMS allows you, the player, to experience selected units from top-of-the-range RTW/BI/Alexander mods. It also gives you information about the mod, its reputation/success and its web site or forums.


  • has a file size of less than 20 Megsa and so takes only a few minutes to download on the average connection speed
  • works from within its own "mod folder" so will not overwrite any of your original game files

How Does It Work?

MMS introduces sample units from quality mods in the form of hireable mercenary units across the campaign map.

MMS mercenary units will also be available through the custom-battle screen, replacing the duplicated Roman units for the Scipii and Brutii factions, should you wish to pit them against one another or other RTW units!

The screenshots below will explain more...

mms_avail.jpg Above you can see new mercenaries for hire in Germania: Arthurian Total War's Duguðe and Chivalry Total War's Feudal Knights. Note the abbreviated name prefixing each unit to identify to which mod it belongs

mms_unitinf.jpg Above is a description of one of the Rome Total Realism (The Iberian Conflict) units

mms_about.jpg Above you can see more information about the mod to which the unit belongs (Europa Barbarorum in this case). Note the URL to the mod's website where you can check for the latest release

mms_rep.jpg Above you find text that will give you information about the reputation of the selected unit's mod

mms_battle-1.jpg Here we can see a defeated army of Gauls routed by the musket balls of the Old French Guard from the Napoleonic Total War II mod!

mms_advisor.jpg For your convenience, the Advisor now lists show-cased mods, their mercenaries and where they can be recruited; a piece of text also has been added to the Army Details scroll to remind you to use the Advisor help button to access this information.

Installation & Play

Before running the MMS installer make sure you have a clean (unmodded) copy of RTW 1.5 installed on your PC. In the menu of RTW you can click on OPTIONS and you should then see the version number in the top right of the screen. If it is not 1.5 then you will need to grab the relevant patch from SEGA. If you have BI installed as well then you can use patch 1.6 as this will also upgrade your RTW to 1.5 (as well as BI to 1.6). Visit SEGA's support page to obtain these free patches here: http://www.sega.com/support/support.php?item=support_patches or visit the http://www.totalwar.com site's forums if you have any technical problems with patching.

Running the installer is simple, the only thing you need to do is to make sure the path to which you install it is correct. In most cases it will the default path (C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War) bu do check your PC to make sure that is where you RomeTW.exe file is located.

You can download MMS here: http://files.filefront.com/mms+v1+1exe/;9373007;/fileinfo.html OR via the chamber-of-records.com here: TBA

Play proceeds largely as normal, but note that in custom battles the Scipii and Brutii units have been replaced with MMS units (this will not affect your campaign) so that you can have MMS unit armies.

Terms of Use

You may not distribute MMS units outside of MMS. All such units and associated work remain the property of their respective mods and/or creators.

Other Information

MMS units are only basically balanced and their performance in battle should not be viewed relative to other units; clearly they are intended for use in their parent mod. Also, it should be borne in mind, that some units may have attributes unavailable or impractical for MMS to include such as BI features, officers, etc.

For more screenshots of MMS please visit this link:

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