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Napoleon's Campaigns (NTW)

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In Napoleon: Total War there are two different campaigns (or sides) to choose from. The Campaigns of Napoleon and the Campaigns of the Coalition. On Napoleon's campaigns, the player follows the path of the great general from his early life in Corsica and France (which is the tutorial for NTW) to his campaigns on Italy, Egypt and Europe including the Battle of Waterloo. On the Coalition campaigns, the player can choose one of the four countries that opposed Napoleons Ambition for conquest and try to stop him or even try to conquer the world himself. The four powers are England, Austria, Prussia and Russia.


The Campaign Map

The Campaign on Italy

The Italian campaign features the map of northern Italy including the Alps. The players starting location is at the west of the map ,at the town of Nice, and the victory conditions for the player is to capture the the Austrian town of Klagenfurt, located at the north-east of the map. During his way to Klangefurt, Napoleon will receive many other secondary missions that, if he manages to accomplish them, he will be rewarded with money, extra troops, e.t.c.

The Campaign on Egypt

The campaign map for Egypt includes the area from Alexandria (the starting position for Napoleon) and Awlad to Tabouk and Howeitat on the east and up to Latakia on the North. The map also includes Cyprus with the city of Nicostia. The victory condition include capturing various settlements like Cairo, Arish, Acre and other. The main enemies for the Player are the Mamelukes at the beginning and the Ottomans later. The British also, have a base on Cyprus and their fleet is patrolling the water. They will land forces on Egypt in order to stop Napoleon. Because of the British, Napoleons army is unable to receive supplies from France until he captures Nicostia.

The European Campaign and the Campaigns of the Coalition

Both the European Campaign and the Coalition Campaigns feature the map of Europe. Unlike Empire's European Campaign map, NTW's map doesn't incude any part of Africa and Asia. In the Napoleon Campaigns, the player starts with Napoleon's early empire and aims to expand it. In the Coalition Campaigns, the player can choose among 4 factions, Great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia. There are also two victory condition types to choose from: Historical and World Domination. The number of regions and any specific regions needed in order to achieve victory are listed for each faction.

Other Features


The Campaign maps in Napoleon Total War (like in previous games of the series) are divided in regions. Each region has a region capital. The region capital indicates the economical and population center of the region. The player can improve the whole regions income (income depends on the buildings of the region, the region's wealth and taxes) by constructing new buildings. There are many types of buildings available, like military buildings, entertainment buildings, economical buildings, forts etc. Units are recruited from the region capital. The type and amount of units available depends on the level of the military building that has been constructed. Except from the region capital, there are other other kind of settlements, that can (if a specific amount of population is reached) be upgraded to ports, trade posts, schools and universities, supply posts etc. If the region capital is captured, or in any way transferred, the whole region changes ownership to the faction than has acquired it. When the region is under attack, an extra number of soldiers (the militia) will appear to assist the garrisoned army (if there is any). If the region has fortification, like forts and star forts, the battle will be a siege.


Each army appear as a single soldier holding the factions flag in the campaign map. The maximum number of regiments that can consist an army is 20. However the player can field many armies in the campaign map, if his economical strength allows it. Armies cost in money for every turn that they are on the map. The cost depends on the number, type and experience the regiments have. Armies, however, are the main weapon of the player for waging war. They can siege and capture cities and face the enemy's armies on the field of battle.

A new feature that has been added in Napoleon Total War is attrition. Armies that are located in harsh climate locations, like extreme cold conditions or desert climate, during the end turn phase, will gradually lose units. Any loses that the units have suffered can be replace over time if they are in friendly territory. The time needed for a regiment to fully heal is based on the replacement value of the region (which depends on supply posts) and the casualties that the regiment have suffered.


Navies work pretty much the same way as armies, but on sea. Each navy appears as ship in the campaign map. The maximum numbers of ships per navy depends on the setting that the player has choosen. Navies can blockade enemy ports, fight naval battles with the enemy's ships and transport units. If ships became damaged, they can be repaired at docks.

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