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Norway (ETW Faction)

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Norway (ETW Faction)
Norway FlagETW.png
Name: Norway
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

Norway is an unplayable emergent faction in Empire: Total War.


In the beginning of the campaign, the region of Norway is owned by Denmark, which is historically accurate. The region's capital is Christiania, and about 95 percent of the population are Protestant with the remaining 5 percent being Animist.

Norway is often captured from Denmark by Sweden when the two factions go to war, usually early on in the game. The Norwegian population may rebel against the Swedish invaders, or against Denmark if taxes are too high, and a Norwegian rebel army will Spawn. If they capture Christiania then Norway will become an independent minor nation, a Protestant constitutional monarchy.

Christiania is a small town with only one building slot, which at the beginning of the game is a governor's residence. The region has two villages, both undeveloped at the start, a port, two mines and two logging camps.

Starting position

Christiania, Norway in 1700

  • Starting Buildings – Governor’s Residence
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 576,365
  • Wealth – 2025
  • Religion – Protestantism 95.0%, Animism 5.0%
  • Starting Towns/Ports – Mo i Rana Mines (Iron Mine), Kirkenes Mines (Not Developed), Arendal Farmland (Not Developed), Ringsaker Forests (Logging Camp), Orkdal Forests (Not Developed), Bergen (Local Fishery),
  • Later Villages/Ports – Trondheim (Village), Stavanger (Village)

Due to the two mines, two logging camps and the port, Norway can earn a considerable amount of money. Therefore any nation who owns Norway will receive a lot more money than they would from other regions of similar sizes in the area, such as Finland or Karelia.


  • Norway is one of four minor nations that emerges in a region that is initially controlled by a minor nation, with the others being Afghanistan (Persia), Hessen (Westphalia) and Punjab (Mughal Empire).
  • They are the only faction that has Mountain Troops, a type of skirmisher, making Norway one of the few minor factions in the game with unique units. Because of an oversight, it can never actually train this unit. It requires a Barracks in Norway, a minor region that cannot build a Barracks.



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