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Ornamentum (ETW)

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Ornamentum (ETW)
Platform Empire: Total War
Mod Type Skin Pack
Era18th Century
Mod Leader danova
Release Status 1.3
Forum / Thread None


Like Ornamentum for Medieval 2 Total War, Ornamentum for Empire Total War is a series of periodically published skin packs, intended to add some more units to the game. The aim of all the issued packs are to extend the number of the units that can be recruited in the given countries, and thereby to enhance the game experience. All packs are built around a main theme, that can be either the early infantry or the elite units, or indeed a particular war.


The Ornamentum Unit Pack was released in late 2009, as was the Poltava/Great Northern War pack. After that versions 1.2 and 1.3 were brought in, each one adding a few more units to the mix. The French Pack was released that December. Since their release they have been included in several other mods for Empire Total War, including DarthMod Ultimate Commander and the Additional Units Mod. It had a hosted mod forum until 2012, when it was deleted in a forum cleanup. The files themselves are still available on danova's profile.


There are currently three different unit packs under the ornamentum banner.

  • The most recent release is the Poltava pack based on the uniforms of the Great Northern War fought between Sweden and Russia. It includes 22 units, including line infantry, some individual regiments, unique cavalry and artillery units for both factions, as well as two custom battles-Poltava and Lesnya. The units are available in both custom battles, and the Grand Campaign.
  • There is also a pack focusing on the French Ancien Regime, that is, the French army of the 18th century up to 1789. It includes several unique elite units and cavalry-9 units in all, including such regiments as the O'Gilvy Regiment and the Swiss Guard.
  • The main Ornamentum Unit Pack contains 30 units from several factions including but not limited to Great Britain, France, Spain and Austria. The units, as with the other packs, are a mix of elite infantry, unique units and cavalry, each one with its own distinctiveness and flavour. Examples include the Highlander Independent Company, Continental Marines (note-different from the US Marines in the Elite Units of the West DLC) and Hungarian Grenadiers.


Visual Material

ORN1.gif ORN2.gif ORN3.gif ORN4.gif

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