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Parsa (ROP Faction)

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Achaemenid Persians

The Achaemenid Persians are the most important faction in the Rise of Persia modification, hence the name. They dwell in the south of Iran.

Persia begin with an underdeveloped economy, which needs immidiate work.

The Persian army has the potentail to be great, it contains conscript archers, spearmen, axemen and mounted javlinmen aswell as the oppertunity to make use of local troops in any region Persia captures. The Persian nobles are feirce fighters, serving as either a hybred spearman/archer unit, (arstibara having particually high stats in both missile and melee attack) or as heavy cavalry.

at the start of the game, the faction is under the command of Kurus (Cyrus in english), who was later titled Kurus the great for his conquest of many of the factions featured in game (including the Medians and Babalonains).

Historically, the Persian empire grew from its humble beginnings (seen at the start of the game) to span from Eygpt to Asia Minor to India, such an acheivement is difficult to replicate in game.

A side note, try and fight all battle's yourself, Parsa take an alarming amount of unncasarry casualties when on autoresolve.

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