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Moderator of TWC
Also known as The Fox; Poosan.

Badges/Staff Roles:Moderator, Citizen
Patron of:N/A


Påsan joined Total War Center on the 15th of May, 2007. At first, he posted mainly in the M2TW modding sections, asking questions about his favourite mods, SS and TATW. Some time in 2010 he started to become more active in the Discussion and Debate and Thema Devia sections of the site, creating threads in the former about subjects which interested him. By mid 2011, however, his place was firmly established in Thema Devia, and he was one of the earlier fans of MLP to don the persona of one of the characters of that show, although he didn't take long to revert back to his original form.

It's during 2012, however, that Påsan has truly started to blossom on the site: Struck by the Thema Devian "blue fever" of the early months of that year he signed on to the Librarian branch of staff. His service in that group has been exceptional, particularly during the 2012 Scriptorium Competition. Additionally, he and Inkie Pie spearheaded the effort to revive the closed Describe the Person Above You Thread, which subsequently resulted in his promotion as a Local Moderator of it. He played a role in the Librarians' taking-over management of the Game Reviews section. In April he was patronised by Silent Assassin, but narrowly failed to gain citizenship. The following year he was successfully patronized by Chloe, and has since become a Site Moderator.

He is currently known in Thema Devia community for having had a role in the Kingdom of Thema Devia roleplay, and for hosting a Roll-to-Dodge game in the Coliseum.

About Påsan

The fox doesn't bother himself with increasing his volume of posts, rep or friends for the sake of it, favouring quality over quantity in at least the latter two regards. He generally abhors the evolution of debates inside the Political Mudpit and favours The Arts as well as more light-hearted Thema Devia. His path on TWC is similar to that of another Norwegian regular there, Princess Luna, which has seen both of them become Librarians, Game Reviews Local Moderators, Citizens and eventually Moderators. He is known for his dry humour and interest in 20th century international politics.

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