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Peltasts (RTW Unit)

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Peltasts (RTW Unit)
Class Skirmisher
Unit Size 160
Weaponry Javelin, Knife
Morale 4
Melee Attack 3
Ranged Attack 6
Defence 4
Charge Bonus 1
Range 50
Ammunition 6
Region Global
Recruitment Cost 180
Upkeep Cost 170
Turns to Build 1
Unit Limit None
Building Requirements Practice Range
Technology Requirements None
Attributes Expert at hiding in forests

GREEK PELTAST.pngGreek peltasts advance at speed to pepper an enemy with javelins, and then withdraw in good order before a counter-attack can be organised.


Greek peltasts advance at speed to pepper an enemy with javelins, and then withdraw in good order before a counter-attack can be organised. They are skirmishers and it is their task to harass and disrupt enemy units before the main battle lines clash. They are also adept at staging tactical ambushes. Peltasts are equipped with a clutch of javelins, a sword and a light shield, the pelte, which gives them their name as 'pelte-bearers'. They wear no other armour, and rely on speed as the best form of protection, and this isn't much protection should they be caught by cavalry.


Peltasts are the most common skirmishers. They have very poor attack, defence and a low missile attack making them of limited use as skirmishers. They also do not have armour at all, making them very vulnerable to counter missile fire. Most factions have this unit and it really is of very limited use. Use normal skirmisher tactics, but don’t bother with them in melee, except against archers, as they do have slightly better stats than them. Upgrade to proper archers as soon as you can, though you might want to keep some of these guys around for suicidal tasks like drawing missile fire, or pushing battering rams. They do have small shields while archers don’t, since they have two handed bows. Note that the eastern version of this unit is worse than others because it has a “low” mental stat so morale lowering things like generals dying has a greater effect on them hence they lose morale more quickly. Other versions of Peltasts don’t have this problem as they have a “normal” mental stat.


  • Pontus Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Pontus
  • Armenia Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Armenia
  • Greek Cities Faction Symbol-Vanilla.pngGreek Cities
  • Seleucid Faction Symbol-Vanilla.pngSeleucid Empire
  • Thrace Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Thrace
  • Macedon Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png Macedon
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