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Pike Militia (M2TW Unit)

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The pikeman is a staple of the late Medieval army, and the arms of militia mirror those of professional soldiers. Pike armed militia with a modest amount of training can hold a defensive position very well, though they need good support. Initially lacking armour and thus vulnerable to shooting, this unit can be upgraded to be much better protected.


Pike Militia is a late spearmen class infantry armed with pikes and swords as secondary equipment. They have the same damage as spear militias and same anti-cavalry bonus and their long weapons make them better at pinning and controlling enemies, making them marginally more useful on the field as a defensive battle line and great at controlling chokepoints, particularly considering they can get three armor upgrades, making them quite cost-effective due to their cheapness and rather large recruitment pool. Although more versatile with the addition of swords, pike militias have terrible defense stats, with no base armor and shield, meaning that if enemies get past the spearwall, they will go down fast as well as being quite vulnerable to missiles. They still have the same poor morale that is characteristic of militias and being pike units, they should never go unsupported lest they get flanked and routed.


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