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Plains Nations (ETW Faction)

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Plains Nations (ETW Faction)
PlainsNations FlagETW.png
Name: Plains Nations
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: Native American

The Plains Nations is an unplayable minor faction in Empire: Total War.

Starting position

The Plains Nations are rarely involved in wars (outside of ones started against them by the player) or otherwise interacted with in the Grand Campaign as it is far removed from the majority of the rest of American theatre and lies on fairly unproductive land. Animism is its state religion and the government type is absolute monarchy. The faction starts the campaign at war with the powerful Spanish Empire but their isolated position usually prevents the Spanish from sending any armies to capture their single, impoverished region. Both nations will often make peace shortly afterwards and the Plains Nations will usually keep entirely to itself for the rest of the game, unless targeted by the player.

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