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Poland-Lithuania (ETW Faction)

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Poland-Lithuania (ETW Faction)
Poland flag.jpg
Name: Poland-Lithuania
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

Poland-Lithuania is one of the 11 playable nations in Empire: Total War's Grand Campaign. It is also a major faction in the game.


Monarchy Republic

Poland is an old idea, and an old kingdom. Like anything old, it has old enmities and problems.

The problems, and enmities, are those of any state surrounded by ambitious rivals, all of whom are looking to become stronger at someone else’s expense. Sweden’s ambitions to create an empire around the Baltic; Tsar Peter’s desires to make Russia a great European power to rival the style of Bourbon France; the Austrians and Prussians each seeking to define a greater Germany and secure their borders; even the distant Ottomans have to be considered, should they ever launch a new assault on Christian Europe. And in the middle of all of this, a Polish-Lithuanian state that is not under the control of a single, strong ruler, a man who can impose his will to defend his people. Instead, Poland is something altogether stranger: a land where the people have a say in government.

That the country has survived at all is a tribute to the spirit of its people.

And yet, these rivalries could be turned to advantage. A Polish leader who picked his alliances carefully, and his wars equally so, could do much to make his country great. The Russians have no divine right to dominate the steppes, or the Swedes to control the Baltic. The various Germans states need allies, the same as other nations, and cannot expect to take anything they want without a struggle. A clever Polish leader could make much of this situation, if he can manage the hopes, expectations and fears of his people at home.


Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars are some of the best cavalry in the game, possessing high stats in almost every category. The rest of their army is thoroughly average, down to their line infantry. The Polish-Lithuanians have access to Pandours from the start, giving them an early light infantry substitute that cannot be fielded by most of their neighbors.

In the Elite Units of the West DLC, Poland-Lithuania has access to Guard Grenadiers, the finest grenadier units in the game.

Starting Position

Poland starts the game with five regions in the European theater. While the Polish region West Prussia borders the Baltic Sea, the rest of the country is landlocked. Warsaw is Poland's capital and its most important city. In the east, the Polish have a long border with Russia. In the southeast, they have a short border with the Ottomans and their protectorate on the Crimea. To the south and southwest, Austria borders Poland. Lastly, Poland also borders Prussia and the Polish protectorate Courland in the north.

Poland doesn't have any overseas colonies However, its lands on the European continent are rather wealthy to compensate. Furthermore, both Saxony and Courland are Polish protectorates. While this of course brings along responsibilities as well, it also strengthens the Polish position considerably. Sooner or later, other nations will declare war on the Polish protectorates (most likely Prussia and/or Austria on Saxony and Sweden on Courland), forcing Poland-Lithuania to either declare war on major powers to defend their allies, or to abandon them. Both options have their merits and dangers.

Poland is surrounded with potential enemies. To the North, Sweden desires more lands to annex from Poland. To the West, the rising military power of Prussia covets West Prussia, thereby uniting its lands and depriving Poland of a port. To the South, Austria wishes to expand into Poland's lush farmlands. To the East, Poland's temporary ally Russia may reevaluate the worth of having Poland as an ally soon. Poland must be careful in making its enemies and allies, lest it be swept away by the flood of troops poised at every border.

Victory Conditions

Short Campaign

Capture and hold 15 regions by the end of the year 1750, including: Lithuania, Brandenburg, Poland, Belarus & Volhynia, Austria, and Galicia & Podolia.

Long Campaign

Capture and hold 25 regions by the end of the year 1799, including: Lithuania, Brandenburg, Poland, Belarus & Volhynia, Austria, Galicia & Podolia, Sweden, and Rumelia.

World Domination

Capture and hold 40 regions by the end of the year 1799, including: Poland.

Basics at start

  • ProtectoratesCourland, Saxony
  • AlliesDenmark, Russia
  • Trade PartnersRussia, Prussia, Courland
  • EnemiesBarbary States, Pirates
  • Religion – Catholic
  • Government – Constitutional Monarchy
  • Ruler – August II (King)
  • Population – 7,213,790
  • Prosperity – Moderate
  • Prestige – Weak
  • Treasury – 6000
  • Technology - None
  • Missionaries – Zachariasz Wincek (Galicia & Podolia)
  • Rakes – Pawel Wojs (Poland)
  • Gentlemen – Stanislaw Lukasiewicz (Poland)

Europe Theatre

Warsaw, Poland
  • Starting Buildings – Barracks, Government Council, Conservatorium, Cannon Foundry
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 2,537,597
  • Wealth – 1850
  • Religion – Catholicism 100.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsSwietokrzyskie Farmland (Peasant Farms), Vistula Farmland (Peasant Farms), Cracow (School), Lodz (Craft Workshops Weavers)
  • Later Villages/PortsLublin (Village), Bialystok (Village)
Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Starting Buildings – Governor’s Residence, Conservatorium
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 830,847
  • Wealth – 1400
  • Religion – Catholicism 70.0%, Protestantism 30.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsSudovia Farmland (Peasant Farms), Daugava Farmland (Peasant Farms), Gardinas (Coaching Inn), Dinaburg (Craft Workshops Weavers)
  • Later Villages/PortsKaunas (Village), Brest-Litovsk (Village)
Minsk, Belarus & Volhynia
  • Starting Buildings – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 706,142
  • Wealth – 1450
  • Religion – Catholicism 60.0%, Orthodox 40.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsZytomierz Farmland (Peasant Farms), Grodno Farmland (Peasant Farms), Babruysk (Craft Workshops Weavers)
  • Later Villages/PortsVitebsk (Village), Homyel (Village), Pinsk (Village)
Gdansk, West Prussia
  • Starting Building – Magistrate
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,291,974
  • Wealth – 450
  • Religion – Catholicism 45.0%, Protestantism 55.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsPommerania Farmland (Peasant Farms), Elblag (Craft Workshops Weavers)
  • Later Villages/PortsBydgoszcz (Village), Poznan (Village), Gdynia (Port)
Lwow, Galicia & Podolia
  • Starting Building – Magistrate, Settlement Fortifications
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 1,847,230
  • Wealth – 2050
  • Religion – Catholicism 70.0%, Orthodox 30.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsTernopil Farmland (Peasant Farms), Turka Forests (Logging Camp), Rzeszow (Craft Workshops Smiths)
  • Later Villages/PortsBrody (Village), Kaminiec (Village)






Poland fields a typical European army, similar to that of the surrounding states. The country's army consists of units such as line infantry, light infantry, hussars, militia and several standard artillery units. Later on, Poland will be able to build stronger units such as guards and household cavalry. The Polish army is nothing special and generally rather average. This is shown well by its line infantry which is a jack of all trades but master of none. Therefore, a general will have to rely on his own abilities and sheer numbers.

Since Poland is a very land based nation, its navy is nothing special and consists of the standard lineup which most other factions share. The Polish fleet includes trade ships, weaker ones such as brigs and sloops but also strong first and second rate frigates.

Special Units

Winged Hussars are Poland's unique unit in the game. The heavy horsemen are famous throughout Europe and strike terror into the hearts of Poland's enemies. Although the 18th century is dominated by muskets and bullets, Winged Hussar charges haven't lost their effectiveness.

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