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Polish Nobles (M2TW Unit)

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Polish Nobles (M2TW Unit)
Polish nobles info.png
Class Missile Cavalry
Unit Size 80 men
  • javelin
  • sword
  • Morale 9
    Melee Attack 11
    Ranged Attack 10
    Defence 17
    Charge Bonus
  • 3
  • 4
  • Accuracy
    Range 55
    Ammunition 8 per man
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 800
    Upkeep Cost 210
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit Unlimited
    Building Requirements Wooden Castle
    Technology Requirements None
  • Can form shooting circle
  • Effective against armor
  • Good morale
  • Good stamina
  • Polish nobles.png Able to circle in front of their enemies and shoot, these excellent troops hurl javelins before engaging in melee.


    Despite lances being vogue for armed cavalry in the west, these men continue to operate in the traditional Slavic style. Able to circle in front of their enemies and hurl their javelins at their enemies, these excellent troops switch to their swords for hand-to-hand combat. Mail armor gives them the same protection as contemporary knights.


    Polish Nobles are the rough Polish counterpart to the Mailed Knights of other European factions, but these men have unique distinctions. They throw javelins and are better at fighting in melee, but not having a lance makes them somewhat less powerful on the charge, especially against infantry.

    The most noticeable difference for Polish Nobles and Western Knights is that they can throw several javelins at their opponents; in fact Polish Nobles are the best Javelin-Cavalry in Medieval 2 Total War. This can be very useful against other cavalry and high value targets, and will annihilate Elephants. They are also superior in prolonged melee to Mailed Knights and even Feudal Knights. This gives the armies of Poland additional flexibility with their deployment of cavalry.

    Polish Nobles can protect the Strzelcy from faster and stronger melee cavalry by throwing javelins and then engaging. The two units work together very well and can ensure that Poland will win the cavalry fight.

    Since Polish Nobles can be recruited from the Knights stables of castles and a Wooden castles, Polish Nobles will appear in the Early Game. Despite this, they never become outdated and always have a place in the Polish army, much like the Strzelcy. However, they are less common than Mailed Knights early on because they are expensive to recruit and because Poland has a slower early economy.


  • Poland Thumbnail.png Poland
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