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Principality of Antioch (M2TW:K Faction)

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M2TW Kingdoms:


The Principality of Antioch is a playable faction in the The Crusades Campaign. Along with the Kingdom of Jerusalem (M2TW Kingdoms), they are a Catholic Crusader faction.

Starting Position

The Principality of Antioch starts with the large and wealthy city of Antioch and the famous fortress of Krak de Chevalliers in what is now modern day Syria and Turkey. To the East and the North are the Turks and to the South there is the Kingdom of Jerusalem. There is also room to expand East to Aleppo and Edessa; to the North to Adana; and to the South to Balbek and Homs, all of which are held by rebels. Most of your campaign will be spent fighting the Turks and/or the Kingdom of Jerusalem if the alliance is broken.


While the Kingdom of Jerusalem has excellent heavy cavalry, the Principality of Antioch utilises excellent infantry. They include the Knights Hostpitaller, Knights of Antioch, Knights of Edessa, and the mighty Canons of the Holy Sepulcher. However they lack missile cavalry which will leave them at a disadvantage against the Islamic factions.


  • Syrian Militia
  • Antioch Militia
  • Edessan Squires
  • Frankish Swordsmen
  • Hospitaller Sergeant
  • Edessan Guard
  • Dismounted Knights of Antioch
  • Canons of the Holy Sepulcher


  • Turkopoles
  • Mounted Sergeants
  • Seljuk Auxiliary
  • Knights of Edessa
  • Knights of Antioch
  • Knights of Hospitaller
  • Marshall of the Hospitallers

Missile Infantry

  • Sodeer Archers
  • Armenians of Celicia
  • Hospitaller Crossbowmen
  • Hospitaller Gunner


  • Ballista
  • Catapult
  • Trebuchet
  • Bombard
  • Great Cross Antioch
  • Mangonel

A Brief History

The Principality of Antioch was one of the Crusader states founded after the First Crusade (1096 - 99). The City fell to the Crusaders led by Bohemund of Taranto on June 3rd 1098. A massacre of the Muslim population ensued. By the 1250s Antioch was effectively a vassal of the far more powerfull Cilician Kingdom of Armenia. The Mamluk Sultan of Egypt (Baibars al-Bunduqdari) captured the city in 1268 along with all of Syria. Thus the Principality of Antioch was at an end.

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