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Private Tutors (TW3K Reform)

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Private Tutors
3K reform water philosophy.png
Wu Xing Element: Water
No of Prior Reforms: 0
Effects: Character Experience +10%
Unlocked Units: Archers
Unlocked Buildings: n/a
Required Buildings: County School
See Also: Three Kingdoms Reforms Table


This reform requires the County School, which can only be built at a settlement upgraded to Small City level, so effectively a Small City is also required.

Previous Reforms Required


Reforms Unlocked

Icon Reform No* Previous Reforms Required Effect Faction Effect Character Unlocked Units Unlocked Buildings Required Buildings
3K reform water merchants.png Market Administration 1 Private Tutors Income from Commerce +30% ~ ~ Salt Shaft Mine
Jade Trading Village
Merchant Warehouses
Dock Warehouse
3K reform water philosophy.png Annual Proficiency Reports 1 Private Tutors ~ Character Salary -10% ~ Academy Complex ~
3K reform water philosophy.png Handbook of Excellence 2 Private Tutors
Annual Proficiency Reports
~ Character Salary -10%
Satisfaction Strategists +8
~ Grand Academy ~
3K reform water merchants.png Economic Stimulation 4 Private Tutors
Annual Proficiency Reports
Market Administration
Handbook of Excellence
Trade Influence +50% ~ ~ Jade Trading Town
Port Trading Association
Salt Mining Town
Bureau of Trading Associations
3K reform water merchants.png Weiqi 3 Liu Bo
Private Tutors
Market Administration
Trade Influence +25% Satisfaction Strategists +12 Heavy Repeating Crossbowmen Grand Guest House
Grand Tea House
3K reform water philosophy.png Treatise on Human Beings 3 Private Tutors
Annual Proficiency Reports
Handbook of Excellence
Assignments Available +1 Character Experience +10% ~ ~ ~
3K reform water espionage.png Masterful Disguise Techniques 1 Private Tutors Spy Positions Available +1
Enemy Spies Cover Cost +4
Enemy Spies Network Cost +2
~ ~ Market Officer
Port Officer
3K reform water espionage.png Dedicated Spy Network 3 Private Tutors
Masterful Disguise Techniques
Annual Proficiency Reports
Spy Positions Available +1
New Spies Upkeep Cost -10%
Enemy Spies Network Cost +5
~ ~ Drum & Bell Tower
Port Inspector
3K reform water espionage.png Divine Manipulation of Threads 4 Private Tutors
Masterful Disguise Techniques
Annual Proficiency Reports
Dedicated Spy Network
Spy Positions Available +1
New Spies Upkeep Cost -15%
Enemy Spies Network Cost +5
~ Mounted Crossbows ~ ~
3K reform water trade and diplomacy.png Diplomatic Missions 1 Private Tutors Trade Influence +25% ~ ~ Silk Road Market
Spice Route Market
3K reform water trade and diplomacy.png Way of Great Peace 4 Private Tutors
Annual Proficiency Reports
Diplomatic Missions
Handbook of Excellence
Diplomatic Relations with all Factions +10 Satisfaction All +10% ~ ~ ~
3K reform water merchants.png Silk Road Expeditions 6 Private Tutors
Foreign Envoys
Currency-Based Economy
Diplomatic Missions
Sino-Roman Embassy
Mercantile Regulation
Trade Agreements Available +1
Income from Silk +40%
Income from Spice +40%
~ Onyx Dragons
Imperial Palace Cavalry
Imperial Palace Crossbowmen
Industrial Cargo Trade Port
Industrial Grand Silk Road Market
Spice Trading Port City
Industrial Grand Spice Market
Coastal Trading Town

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