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Professor420 was formerly a Civitates, Artifex, and Patrician. He retains his rank of Opifex.

He is on leave from TWC.

His personal website is at http://www.robg3d.com

And so I'll go alone, and as if no one else existed, I'll give my one life for God. What is the use of living among people blind to calamity and no longer capable of tackling the troubles on their hands? You are plundered without a protest, beaten without a murmur, witnesses of murder without one audible groan. What unbearable tyranny! But why blame the tyrants? Don't they owe their existence to you and your lack of spirit? Wasn't it you who shut your eyes when the first gang was first formed - a mere handful then - encouraged its growth by your silence, and by standing idly by while they were arming turned those arms against yourselves? The right thing would have been to nip their attacks in the bud when they were pouring abuse on your own flesh and blood; but by your utter indifference you encouraged these ruffians to plunder. When the houses were ransacked, nobody cared; so they seized their owners too, and dragged them through the middle of the City without anyone raising a finger to defend them. Next they flung into jail the men you had let down - I will not say how many or of what character. Uncharged, uncondemned, they were imprisoned without a soul coming to the rescue. The natural consequence was that these same men were seen murdered. We saw this too - they were like a herd of dumb animals from which the best victims were dragged away one by one; yet not a murmur was uttered, not a hand raised! Take it calmly then, take it calmly, when you watch your Sanctuary trampled underfoot. You yourselves built every one of the steps by which these sacrilegious wretches have climbed so insolently; do not grumble if they have reached the top. Why, by now they would have undoubtely have reached still dizzier heights, if there had been anything greater than the Sanctuary to destroy!

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