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Prussia (NTW Faction)

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Prussia (NTW Faction)
Prussian flag.png
Name: Prussia
From Game: Napoleon: Total War
Culture: European

Prussia is one of the 5 major factions playable in Napoleon: Total War. It is only playable in the Campaigns of the Coalition.


Prussia Flag.jpg

Prussia has a proud military heritage; what else could be the case for the nation of Frederick the Great? The country has been at peace for ten years, the result of getting a free hand in northern Germany east of the Rhine in exchange for recognising French control west of the Rhine. Political realities have to be recognised.

Napoleon, however, is not an easy neighbour to endure. His ambitions are seemingly limitless, his army is growing every day, and he is in need of new victories to add lustre and legitimacy to his crown. It may only be a matter of time before he once again looks to secure the borders of France through war. Perhaps, though, he can go south, against Austria, even if that only leaves a stronger France to face at a later date.

There are allies available, if the Prussians can stomach them. The British are condescending and unwilling to fight on land, but they have the wealth needed to finance a war. The Russians and Austrians may be willing to help bring down the upstart empire of Napoleon, even as they will do their best to hamper Prussian ambitions. Neither the Austrians nor the Russians have any wish to see Germany or Poland dominated by Prussia, even as they prepare for war against France. Such then is the situation facing Frederick William III. Danger and opportunity await.

Starting Position

Campaigns of the Coalition

In the Campaigns of the Coalition you can play as Austria, Great Britain, Prussia and Russia. The theme of the campaign is you must cut down the French Conquest by gathering trade, securing alliances and invading enemy territory. Your capital is Berlin.

Victory Conditions

Capture and hold 25 regions by the end of December 1813, including: East Prussia, Hannover, Baden-Wuttemberg, Bavaria, Silesia, Frisia, Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Bohemia, Hessen-Kassel, Saxony & Thuringia.

Basics at Start

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade PartnersDenmark, Russia, Sweden and Mecklenburg
  • Enemies – None
  • Religion – Protestant
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler – Freidrich Wilhelm III
  • Population – 11467829
  • Prosperity – Rich
  • Prestige – Sublime
  • Treasury – 6000
  • Gentlemen - Georg Friedrich Hegel (Brandenburg)
  • Rakes - Immanuel Steiglitz (Greater Poland)


Berlin, Brandenburg
  • Starting Buildings – Magistrate, Cantonment, Cannon Foundry, Theatre
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 1684771
  • Wealth – 4300
  • Starting Towns/PortsPotsdam (Not Developed), Magdeburg (College), Kustrin (Market), Prenzlau Farmland (Farms), Wolfsburg Mines (Iron Mine), Pritzwalk Pastures (Stables)
Stettin, Pommerania
  • Starting Buildings - Tax Office
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 966225
  • Wealth - 1500
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Kolberg (Trading Port), Köslin Farmland (Farms)
Breslau, Silesia
  • Starting Buildings - Cantonment
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 389483
  • Wealth - 1800
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Glogau (Not Developed), Brzeg Mines (Gold Mine)
Danzig, West Prussia
  • Starting Buildings - Tax Office
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 2095757
  • Wealth - 2200
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Bromberg Farmland (Farms), Thorn (Not Developed)
Königsberg, East Prussia
  • Starting Buildings - Tax Office
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 1298346
  • Wealth - 2500
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Tilsit Farmland (Farms), Gumbinnen (Not Developed)
Warsaw, Greater Poland
  • Starting Buildings - Tax Office, Cantonment, Cannon Foundry
  • Infrastructure - none
  • Population - 4233247
  • Wealth - 2050
  • Starting Towns/Ports - Lódz (Manufactory), Cracow (Member's Club)







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