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Public Order (M2TW)

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Public order is the state of overall happiness in a settlement. If public order drops too low in a settlement, rioting or rebellions may occur in the settlement. Public order may be affected by factors such as the settlement's population density, tax rate, or besieged state.

Public Order and Settlements

A settlement's current status of public order directly affects its ability to raise income through taxes.

Factors affecting Public Order

Public order can be affected by many negative and positive factors.

Negative Factors

  • Squalor - Squalor is the state of overcrowding in a settlement due to lack of room for extra population. Squalor is a negative factor in public order.
  • Distance from capital - the farther the settlement is from the capital, the larger the public order penalty
  • Unrest - unrest is caused by the infiltration of enemy spies, nearby rebel armies, proximity to a war zone, and some governor traits.
  • Religious Unrest- increases as the proportion of the population that is not of the official state religion increases.
  • Excommunitation- is a 20% penalty that applies to all settlements while the faction is excommunicated. If the faction suffers from religious unrest, the excommunication penalty is lessened (people are less upset about being excommunicated from the Catholic Church when fewer of the people are actually Catholic).
  • No Garrison- people are very upset when the settlement is completely unguarded.

Positive Factors

  • Glory- a temporary boost after a successful jihad or crusade and a permanent boost after the victory conditions have been met.
  • Population Boom- a boost that exists when population growth is 5% or higher.
  • Garrison- a boost that is proportional to the size of the army inside the settlement. Cavalry makes a poor garrison.
  • Health- a boost from certain buildings like town halls
  • Happiness- a boost from certain buildings like brothels or churches.
  • Law - a boost from certain buildings like town halls and town guards as well as good governor traits.
  • Fear - a boost that manifests after the town has been sacked or executed and when it is governed by a dreadful governor.
  • Governor's Influence - a boost associated with a chivalrous governor.

Ambiguous factors

  • Taxes - high and very high taxes decrease public order. Low taxes increase it.
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