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Punic: Total War

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Punic: Total War
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraPunic Wars: 280BC-146BC
Mod Leader HemilcoBarca
Release Status Unreleased
Forum / Thread Here

Punic: Total War is a work in progress overhaul mod for Rome: Total War which focuses on the entirety of the Punic wars between Rome and Carthage, from 280 BC to 146 BC.


Punic: Total War has had it's own mod forum since early 2009 and is yet to be released to the general public. However HemilcoBarca announced in June 2010 that the mod is currently at a Beta stage and is in the process of being tested. Due to the length of time between updates by the modders in charge, there are fears that the mod might be dead however due to there being no official announcement of this hope still remains amongst followers of the mod that their might be future work done on Punic: Total War.

In November 2010 a sub-mod for the unreleased modification was announced entitled "The Sicilian Wars" however the sub-mod creator, cpdwane, has recently announced the discontinuation of the mod.


This mod is an effort to bring the period of the Punic wars to life within Rome: Total War. The mod focuses mainly on the Mediterranean including Italy, Northern Africa, Western Europe and Greece. Currently two factions (Carthage and Syracuse) have been announced for the mod along with screenshots of the map by HemilcoBarca but, as of yet, little else is known.

The sub-mod, Sicilian Wars, is set in the years following 485 BC, focusing on the reign of Gelo of Syracuse and the wars he undertook against the other Greek cities of Sicily and the Carthaginian's



Main Campaign; The mod aims to bring historically accurate factions to the period in order to make it as realistic as possible with old factions being remodelled and new factions being created to ensure this is achieved. So far two factions have been announced;

  • Carthage: One of the main factions in the game, currently boasting a roster of 14 unique units.
  • Syracuse: Another faction of the game which currently has a roster of 10 units.

The Sicilian Wars; This mod will focus mainly on the city of Syracuse and the Greek faction that holds it at the start of the game however other factions that are present in Sicily at the time will feature heavily, currently the faction list is:

  • Reghion
  • Akragas
  • Syracuse
  • Sycels
  • Carthage
  • Chalcideans
  • Elymians
  • Hymera
  • Selinus

The Map

Main Campaign; The map for Punic: Total War is varied from that of the Vanilla game in the fact that it provides a more detailed look at the area directly surrounding the Mediterranean putting greater focus onto North Africa, Greece, Macedon, Spain, Italy and Western Europe whilst cutting most other areas.

The Sicilian Wars; This map will place a heavier focus on Sicily and the surrounding area providing a more detailed map of a much smaller area. The map itself will have 45 regions and contain 9 factions.


Main Campaign;

  • The Mercenary and Slave roster has been expanded to 35 unique units that fit the background of the mod.
  • The artwork of the game has also been altered with textures for the sky and vegetation being changed along with textures for the strat and battle map environments.

The Sicilian Wars;

  • A new and unique roster of units that are appropriate to the time period of the mod.
  • Reworked unit recruitment system that places more importance on the continued existence of a unit and prevent the AI ammassing stacks of units.
  • New scripts created that allow a four turns per years system and to detail the arrival of Punic troops landing on Sicily in 480 BC.

The Team

Main Campaign Team

Sicilian Wars Team

Visual Material

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