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Pyrrhic Victory 1.1

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This mod adds the faction of Epirus to the game, changes Egypt to the Ptolemaic Kingdom, merges the Romans into one faction, and makes various other small tweaks and changes that enhance your gaming experience.


The Romans appear as a single faction; using the Julii

Epirus replaces the Brutti, complete with skins and UI's (They have the same unit roster as Macedonia, except get elephants with advanced trade buildings)

Egypt has been changed to the Ptolemaic Kingdom, with new skins and UI's to boot (Their roster is pike phalanx based, with Egyptian locals acting as auxiliaries)

All factions are playable

Complete text changes/additions to reflect faction modifications

New maps for the campaign faction selection screen

A few new settlements have been added, and a few others slightly modified

New win conditions for several factions

Changed starting territories of some factions

Seleucids and Parthia use the correct indian elephant model (This means the Seleucids only get War Elephants)


pv1.jpg pv2.jpg pv3.jpg epirus2.jpg epirus1.jpg


Version 1.1 has been released for Rome - Total War version 1.5.

Download Here.

Visit the main thread Here.

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