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Quebec (ETW Faction)

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Quebec (ETW Faction)
Quebec FlagETW.png
Name: Quebec
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

Quebec is an unplayable minor emergent faction in Empire: Total War.


Quebec is an emergent Catholic nation, which will be created as the result of a successful rebellion in New France or due to the capture of all the European holding of the Faction of France (or what ever other European nation may control New France at the time of its defeat) . The capital of Quebec is Quebec, New France, and the government type is absolute monarchy.

Starting Position

If you have HusserlTw's excellent Empire: Total Factions mod installed, which you can find at TWcenter.net, you can play as Quebec and your campaign will begin in the year 1783. Your only starting region is New France. You will have no starting general or starting troops.

Basics at start

  • Protectorates – None
  • Allies – None
  • Trade Partners – None
  • Enemies – None
  • Religion – Catholic
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler – varies (King)
  • Treasury – 5000
  • Missionaries – None
  • Rakes – None
  • Gentlemen – None


Quebec has a good starting economy, with a lot of growth potential. Its natural resources are also being exploited to a good extent. At St Jean trapper post (abundant yield), a fur exchange is already constructed, producing 80 pelts a turn. Marsoui forests have a lumber mill, which contributes to the town wealth of Quebec. An iron minefield is located at Mont-Laurier, and an average yield farmland area is found at St Lazare. At Tadoussac, there is a Commercial port, that is capable of exporting a lot of your produced furs, and Gaspe has a bawdyhouse.


Quebec is quite advanced, and starts with many technologies researched. Unfortunately, Quebec doesn't have even one education and research building, so you will have to either build or capture one. Also, Quebec starts without a gentleman.


Quebec starts out without an army or a navy, and has no starting generals. But Quebec's unit roster is quite good, and is well-balanced, being very similar to that of France.



  • Native musketmen auxiliaries
  • Native bowmen auxiliaries
  • Mounted Tribal auxiliaries


  • Courers de Bois
    Queb 561.jpg
  • Colonial Line infantry
  • Grenadiers
  • Royal Ecossais
  • Maison du Roi


  • Colonial light cavalry
  • Colonial dragoons
  • Cuirassiers
  • Garde du Corps


  • Demi cannons
  • Sakers
  • 12 lbr foot artillery
  • 24 lbr foot artillery
  • 6 lbr horse artillery
  • 12 lbr howitzer foot artillery
  • 24 lbr howitzer foot artillery
  • Puckle guns
  • Rocket troop

Early Strategy

The player should get trade rights with the USA, Britain, France and the Iroquois on the very first turn and begin exporting fur pelts. Another priority is to begin recruiting an army and to get a General. A good very early army for Quebec should have colonial line infantry, colonial light cavalry, demi-cannons and/or sakers, and a few Courers de Bois. Also, the player should upgrade his farms and weavers' workshops as soon as possible. Once an army is assembled, the best targets are British, French or Iroquois lands. The British and French are no longer major powers in the Americas, while the new nation of the United States has lots of land and decent armies. The British are at war with the French, while the French are allied with the United States. Once a few territories have been added to your fledgling nation (choose good territories with farms and fur posts), you should be developing at a healthy rate, and can turn your ambitions towards the lands of the United States or make a naval invasion of Brazil/ Mexico. Remember to keep up a good amount of trade, and keep exporting your resources. Building a good-sized navy is important, but not essential, as you can have many land and sea trading partners, thus not having to rely on only sea trade.

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