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Rome Total Realism

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Rome Total Realism
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraClassical Era
Mod Leader Caligula Caesar, Maurits
Release Status RTRVII (v7)
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General Info

Rome: Total Realism VII or (RTR VII) is a complete modification for the computer game Rome: Total War intended to correct and enhance the historical accuracy of the original game. RTR VII is also intended to add a heightened sense of enjoyment. RTR VII serves as the name for a new line of RTR mods which stands independently from the previous Rome Total Realism 6 series. The RTR VII series currently has two releases, in the form of Rome Total Realism VII: The Iberian Conflict (or RTR VII: TIC) (2008) and Rome Total Realism VII: Fate of Empires (RTR VII: FOE) (2009). RTR VII has had enormous success and received five awards during the Total War Center 2009 modding awards for FoE. The final mod planned for release in the RTR VII series has been named RTR VII (without a sub title)


Rome Total Realism VII is divided into three sub mods, the final of which has been released. The first to be released was Rome Total Realism VII: The Iberian Conflict, which focused on Hamilcar Barca and the Carthaginian conquest of Iberia. The second release was Rome Total Realism VII: Fate of Empires, which expands the focus of the campaign map to cover Iberia to Epeiros.

Rome Total Realism VII: The Iberian Conflict

RTR VII: TIC covers the conquest of Iberia by the Hamilcar Barca and his contemporaries in the name of the Carthaginian Republic in a uniquely close and story driven campaign . The campaign map covers all of Iberia and parts of southern Gaul. The goal of TIC was to provide and short, detailed and story-driven experience from which the player could play and emulate the conquest of Iberia by Hamilcar Barca and the Carthaginians. Playable factions include: The Celtiberians and the Carthaginian Republic.

What differentiates RTR VII: TIC from other mods in the RTR series is that it is a comparatively short campaign that could be completed in a relatively short amount of time. The mod is based around the story of Hamilcar Barca`s conquest of Iberia, and as such the player is able to relive these experiences, while still experiences the "free roam" concept which dominates the Total War gaming series.

Rome Total Realism VII: Fate of Empires

RTR VII: FOE begins with the Pyrrhic invasion of Italy in 280 BCE. The map was extended to cover all the area between Iberia and Epeiros in the Mediterranean. As the campaign progresses, it eventually leads to the inevitable Punic wars. Playable factions include: The Republic of Rome, The Republic of Carthage, The Cisalpine Gauls, Celtiberians, Kingdom of Massyli and The Kingdom of Epeiros.

FOE is different from TIC in the sense that it is not story-driven, nor is it as heavily scripted. As such the campaign has been extended, FOE is much longer than its predecessor. However, the depth of FOE is extended by the addition of "minor regions" which represent the numerous small settlements that were widely neglected in the original game, and an overhaul of the RTW economic system. These settlements do not grow and provide no recruitment or building options, however they account for approximately half of the player's income. These mini regions add an original depth to the game, and as such received generally positive reviews.

Rome Total Realism VII

RTR VII has been noted as the last in the RTR VII mod series. As such, the sub title which has accompanies previous modifications (TIC and FOE respectively) has been dropped.

The mod is still in development but has been released to the public. The RTR VII mod team has currently released five previews which reveal a considerable amount of detail concerning the mod. These details include: The extension of the map from Iberia to Asia minor (including Gaul, the Balkans, lower Scythia, and lower Germany), several new factions, the return of mini regions, new walls, new user interface, and a plethera of other things. The current status of the mod is at Patch 2a and more new features are being implemented. To get the latest updates and details head over to the RTR forums.


Campaign Map
  • Seventeen playable factions. By contrast, the original game only permitted players to play 12 factions, and only three at the beginning. As of version 6.0 gold, the faction roster removes the Britons and Dacia, condenses the four Roman factions into one, and adds Illyria and Bactria. The Mod also renames different factions to more realistic names such as changing Spain into Iberia.
  • Two hundred army units with new textures, models, and so forth. "Faction colors" have been removed— for example, in Rome all of the Egyptian units wore bright yellow clothing, Julii wore red, mercenaries green, rebels gray, and so on. In RTR, most soldiers wear rather similar colors (typically the greys and yellows and browns of undyed cloth), reflecting their probable historical modes of dress, as at the time, dyes for clothing and ornamentation were extremely expensive.
  • The statistics of all units have been adjusted. The desired effect is that the length of battles has been increased by reducing the rate at which soldiers kill enemies, and the effectiveness of most missile units has been decreased. One of the most prominent of these changes is increase in the viability of the cavalry especially when charging, now cavalry is more realistically portrayed as a influential member of an army due to it mobility and the impact of their charge.
  • New "Area of Recruitment" gameplay mechanic. In Rome, there was virtually no restriction on the units a faction could train in a given province- for example, Carthage could train exactly the same units in Carthage as they could in Spain. The exceptions were that Roman First Cohorts could only be recruited in Rome; Spartan hoplites could only be recruited in Sparta or Syracuse; and elephant and camel units could only be recruited in provinces that have those animals as resources. In RTR, the units that can be recruited in a province depend in large part on the province itself; Gallic infantry, for instance, can only be recruited in Gaul, but can be recruited by all factions. Still, all factions do have their own typical units that can be recruited anywhere.
  • Redesigned campaign map. The map was extended east to India, instead of the Rome map's eastern limit of roughly the Caspian Sea. This shows the historical extent of the various eastern powers, such as Parthia and the Seleucids— in Rome the Parthians' starting position was split in half by the Caspian, with no eastern expansion possible and contact only possible via ship; due to the absence of Persia and modern day Iran, the Seleucids were also extremely cut down by their small Mediterranean, part-Babylonian and southern Asia Minor territories which often lead to them being destroyed by Pontus, Egypt and Armenia.
  • Redesigned graphical elements. Most of the graphics in the game have been redone allowing for a more realistic interaction of units in the battles, again expanding the "Realism" aspect of the Mod.
  • New, optional music from two composers, including a version of Ailein duinn used for the credits.
  • The RTR website also hosts other mods which stack onto the RTR mod; these are also fan-made, but are not officially supported by the RTR designers. The mods make other changes, such as adding factions, changing the game years to four turns (rather than two), changing animations and formations, and integrating changes from Barbarian Invasion.


  • SPQR
  • Republic of Carthage
  • Averni Confederacy
  • Kingdom of Epeiros
  • Aetolian league
  • Achaean League
  • Kingdom of Sparta
  • Kingdom of Ardiaei
  • Kingdom of Noricum
  • Aedui Confederacy
  • Getai Confederacy
  • Attalid Dynastai
  • Antigonid Dynastai

The Team


The team is always looking for new minds. Check out the mod website under "External Links".

Main Developers

  • Anallein - Coding
  • Apple - Music, Coding
  • [Bladerunner900 - 3D Art, FOE Installer
  • Bucellarii - Historical Research
  • Caius Britannicus - 3D Art, 2D Art
  • Caligula Caesar - RTR-VII Dev, Traitologist, Coder and 2D Artist
  • Carajudo - 2D Art
  • Clearchus of Sparta - Historical Research, Coding, Team Organization
  • HamilcarBarca - Historical Research
  • Hollowfaith - Music
  • HouseOfHam - Scripting, Coding, Technical Infrastructure
  • Jones King - Music
  • Kepper - Coding, 2D Art
  • Khshayathiya - Historical Research
  • Limes - 3D Art, 2D Art
  • [Maced0n - 3D Art, 2D Art
  • MasterOfThessus - Test-team leader
  • Maurits - RTR Beta Team co-leader
  • MCantu - Coding
  • Mephisto - 2D Art
  • Muizer - Coding, Mapping, Project Leader (2008-2010)
  • Musicart - Music
  • Naxzull666 - Movies
  • Orthanner - Historical Research, FOE Installer
  • PatricianS - Coding, Animations, 2D Art, 3D Art, Project Leader (2010-now)
  • Publius - 3D Art, 2D Art
  • Quetzalcoatl - 2D Art
  • Quinctius Cincinnatus - Movies
  • Remlap - 2D Art, 3D Art, Wall Coding
  • SeleukosART - 2D Art
  • Solaris - Preview Graphics
  • Naxzul666 - Movies
  • Tony83 - Coding, Public Relations, Administration, Project Leader (2010-now)
  • Vindafarna - Historical Research

Beta Testers

Special Members

  • Alejandro Rodriguez - Music († June 9th, 2009)
  • Alex McGery - Music
  • Anunnak - Historical Research
  • Aradan - Advice
  • Ararax - Former Developer
  • Florin80 - Former Developer, Advice, RTR VII: TIC Patches
  • IGN ModCenter - File hosting, Mod management tools
  • LestaT - Former Developer, Advice
  • MarcusCorneliusMarcellus - Former Team Leader, Advice
  • Preskinn - Testing
  • Quinn Inuit - Coding, Advice
  • RedXIII - Former Developer, Advice
  • Salvor Hardin - Former Developer, Advice
  • Vashiyusuf - Former Developer, Advice, Public Relations, Administration

Credit to Other Mods

(for advice and materials that were originally developed for other mods and are included in RTR, with permission by owners)

  • Roma Surrectum Team and Tone - Punic Reform model and texture, fixed overhand hoplite animation, and co-operation between mod teams
  • Europa Barbarorum and SigniferOne - Animations
  • Res Gestae and Prometheus - Scythed chariot model and texture
  • Paeninsula Italica - Tarentine Cavalry model and texture
  • Sparta III team and Quetzalcoatl - Roman battle map banner


A very crude image explaining the history, the Ante-Diluvian era is the period where little to none information is available.

Pre-6.0: The mod had its own forums, however there arent alot of members from pre-6.0 left and so has the knowledge of it.

6.0 Gold, final version for RTW 1.2 and the last version from the original team

RTR-Platinum Edition (PE): 6.0 Gold converted to work on RTW 1.5/1.6, community project.

RTR: The Iberian Conflict (TIC) for BI. First taste of what VII will be, developed by a whole new team with different visions.

RTR: Fate of Empires (FOE) for BI. Latest version, whole western part of the med. sea. Introduction of many ground-breaking concepts including mini-regions.

RTR: VII. The last and final version for RTW, expanding on the concepts of FOE. No release date as of yet.

Visual Material

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Map Previews

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